Mars Ilah Anderson, Personal Life and Net Worth

Mars Ilah Anderson is one of those kids in the world, who are living a privileged life because their parents are celebrities. Both of her parents, Blake Anderson and Rachael Finley are today famous American celebrities and this is the reason that Mars Ilah Anderson also got publicity at such a tender age.

Today, we will tell you everything related to the life of Mars Ilah Anderson like her childhood, parents, siblings, education, profession, age, earnings, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

Mars Ilah Anderson was born in 2014 to American celebrity couple Blake Anderson and Rachael Finley. The little girl is 9 years old today and enjoying the most beautiful days of her life. Like her parents, she also holds American nationality, her religious views are not confirmed.

Considering her age, there is obviously no point in talking about romantic life. Right now, the girl is at the age to enjoy the love of her parents and she is doing that perfectly.

Parents and siblings

Mars Ilah Anderson is the only daughter of her parents, Blake Anderson and Rachael Finley, who got married in 2012. However, their marital bliss could not last long and they ended with a divorce in 2007. Being the only child, Mars Ilah Anderson does not have any siblings to play with.

Speaking of the profession of her parents, the father of Mars Ilah Anderson is a versatile man and active in different professions including acting, singing, screenwriting, and fashion designing. As for her mother,  she is also an American celebrity and active in fashion design.


Needless to say that Mars Ilah Anderson does not have any kids right now, as she herself is just 9 years old.

Education and profession

The parents of Mars Ilah Anderson have maintained absolute silence over the personal life of Mars Ilah Anderson. This is why finding any significant information about her educational background is not really possible.

Since she is 9 years old, you can say that she definitely has started her educational journey. As for her profession, you would need to wait years to see her active in any profession.

Reason for the popularity of Mars Ilah Anderson

Hands down, it’s the parents of Mars Ilah Anderson, who make her popular even at such a tender age of 9. Their publicity has made Mars Ilah Anderson a star kid.

Net worth of Mars Ilah Anderson

Well, Mars Ilah Anderson does not have any net worth as of now because she is not professionally active. Right now, she is just enjoying the luxury provided by her parents who both have earned a huge amount of money in their respective careers.

As of 2023, her father has an estimated net worth of around 5 million, which he has turned out from his different professions.


It won’t be wrong to say that Mars Ilah Anderson is a fortunate kid because she is getting to enjoy everything in her life at the mere age of 9, that too without making any effort on her own.


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