Millie Van Norman Family Tree, Social Media Presence, Personal Life, & More

Millie Van Norman is the grandmother of famous American Footballer Odell Beckham Jr. Her daughter Heather Van Norman is also a former track runner. Millie Van Norman has a family of athletes, and she is the biggest motivation of her family. She gave her daughter a spark for sports and made her physically and mentally strong to perform better every time. If you are interested to know about Millie Van Norman and her family, you should read this article till the end. You will learn everything about her here.


As you already know, Millie Van Norman is the mother of Heather Van Norman and grandmother of Odell Beckham Jr. Her husband is Don Van Norman who is well known for his special designs of rehabilitation centers. Together they had five children, two daughters, and three sons. She had six grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. Her husband worked as a postmaster during the initial days of their marriage. He worked as a postmaster for many years of his life but later found his solace in designing. He called his designs ‘Don’s Designs’ which got fame eventually.

Her other children are not as famous as Heather Van Norman who was born in Windom, Minnesota, USA. She was a bright athlete, and this made Don Van Norman and Millie Van Norman focus on her to take on the path of success. When her grandson, Odell Beckham Jr. Was born, Heather said that Odell had hit a genetic jackpot where she and Odell’s father, Odell Beckham Sr. Heather Van Norman was blessed with three children with Odell Beckham Sr., Odell Beckham Jr., Kordell, and Jasmine. Later the couple broke up, and Heather Van Norman married Derek Mills who was a former American Football Sprinter.


Millie Van Norman helped her children to get a good education from top institutions and build a great future for themselves. She was a homemaker. Her daughter Heather Van Norman graduated from Louisiana University in Sports administration. She is a professional coach of the Nicholls State University women’s basketball team. The career of her other children is unknown, but Heather has become quite famous after her success and Odell’s brilliant career.

Social Media Presence

Millie Van Norman is not very active on social media. However, her daughter Heather Van Norman is quite active on Instagram and has around 110K followers. She is not quite active on Facebook and Twitter, but her daughter keeps on posting pictures with her beautiful mom to give the little updates you desire. Millie has chosen a private life for herself, and everyone should respect it.

Physical Appearance

Millie Van Norman is a native American with white skin color. She has brown eyes and brown hair. She has grown old but still has glowing skin. Heather Van Norman has gotten these traits from her mother as she also looks quite young even after becoming a grandmother. Her grandchild Odell Beckham Jr. Married Lauren Wood and welcomed their son later.


Millie Van Norman did everything she could to make her children successful and saw their success closely. She, along with her husband, worked hard to ensure the good upbringing of her children. Heather Van Norman is famous, unlike the rest of her children, but they are also successful in today’s times. They are all well-settled and working hard to give a similar upbringing to their children and grandchildren. Millie Van Norman lived a struggling life initially, but things worked out later, and now she is living a peaceful life.

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