Munica West Cooley: Catfish Cooley’s Wife Bio, Age, Career

Munica West Cooley is a model and a social star, but that is not her primary source of fame. She is best known as the wife of an American joke artist named Catfish Cooley. Catfish is a comic punch sensation, and he bases his content on his being a redneck. The couple has been married for about seven years, and they have two children. Catfish has a massive following on his social media platforms, while his wife has over 24K followers on Instagram.

What does Munica do for a living? And how old is she/ if you came looking for answers to these questions, this post is made for you. Let’s dive in.

Munica West Cooley Age

Munica West Cooley was born on 20 February 1989. However, she keeps most of her details away from the public eye. Hence, details of her parents or upbringing are not available. It is also unclear where she grew up or where she attended school.

Munica West Cooley Career

32-year-old Munica earns a living as a model; specifically. The social media star has a massive social media following on both Facebook and Instagram. Her IG account is private and with over 24K followers. She shares her husband’s comic videos with her fans on Facebook.

Munica West Cooley Children

Munica and Catfish have been married for about seven years, and their union has been sealed with two adorable children. Their firstborn is a daughter named Zoey. Their son Troy turned 10 years recently. The couple keeps their children away from the limelight and hasn’t shared much about them.

Munica West Cooley Husband

As already established, Munica’s husband is Catfish Cooley. Is that his given name? If you’re wondering, the answer is no; that is just a nickname and his trademark. He was born David Allen Cooley. He got the nickname because he makes a sound similar to the animal. He makes the catfish sound in all his comic videos.

Catfish was born in Pitkin, Louisiana, on 2 May 1990 to Lawanda and Charles Cooley. He hasn’t revealed the details of his parents or upbringing since he prefers to keep it private. Catfish shares his funny clips on his Youtube channel, which he launched in 2017, and also holds an Instagram and Facebook account where he posts the same. In his videos, he appears as a traditional redneck character and humorously displays his genuine sense of humor. The 32-year-old also performs as a stand-up comedian and regularly goes on tours across different cities to perform.

Comedy is not all that Catfish does; he is a musician and has released a couple of singles. His songs include Pimp’in the Sticks, Mudhole Mermaid, Clean, and Smoke With Us. From the sound of the titles, you can tell the songs are filled with his humor as well. His Youtube Channel has over 299k subscribers and 200+ funny clips to keep his fans entertained. The clips have earned him global fame with millions of views each year.

Wrapping Up

Munica and Catfish are the yins in each other’s yang, and together they keep making their fans laugh.

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