Myths About Instagram Algorithm You Need To Know  

For many Instagram users, the algorithm’s workings remain mysterious. But Instagram recently offered some clarifications. Even if it could appear unimportant to some, it is essential to be aware of the algorithm and comprehend how it functions. This is particularly important if you want the marketing campaigns you run on this platform to produce results you’ll be happy with. Therefore, we have compiled some of the greatest Instagram algorithm myths to help you comprehend everything.

1.Changing to a business account will narrow your audience


If you switch to a commercial account, your Instagram reach won’t be affected. So don’t be concerned if you’re thinking of transferring from a personal to a corporate account. Your reach will not be impacted by often switching between a personal and business account. This is so that Instagram can observe your activity and know what you’re up to.

It’s important to note that having access to Instagram Insights is one of the key benefits of having a business account.

So, you need to remember that all of your Instagram Insights data will be lost if you decide to move back from a business profile to a personal one.

2.Existence of shadowbanning

Nowadays, it is often seen that people keep posting content and usually buy likes to reach them. And if you are also doing this, then you need to know about Shadowbanning! There are some types of content which are permitted on Instagram. The reason due to which some of these types of content cannot be recommended in the Explore area are because of some rules and regulations that users won’t love. These categories are divided into five types. Firstly, it includes material that could interfere with their capacity to establish a secure environment; secondly, it is all about the content that is frequently criticized. Thirdly, the content should not be sensitive and low-quality, covering health and finance. Another content that will be permitted is low-quality content; at last, the content should not be misleading.

Some users disagree with the first category because different groups have complained over the years that their content shouldn’t violate their regulations. Although some actions, include providing a lot of likes or following lots of accounts quickly, may result in a temporary account ban. However, its purpose is to eliminate spam and bots and to prohibit accounts that engage in such activities.

3.Instagram favors some features over others.


 Some of Instagram’s features are only sometimes more popular. We can only deduce that it’s favoring some of its newest features, like Reels, which are now increasingly showing up on our feed. Nevertheless, leveraging specific features, like Reels, does not guarantee that your Instagram marketing will perform better as a whole.

So, when it comes to absorbing content, people have a variety of preferences. While some people like Instagram Stories or videos, others only like images. Your published material on Instagram should be varied in order to reach all of your followers, as well as to meet their expectations.

4.User posts on Instagram are hidden

Several creators and influencers have expressed frustration over the past few months that their posts have not appeared in followers’ news feeds. But Instagram representatives claim that user posts aren’t hidden. Sooner or later, you will view every post browsing your feed. The issue is that many users presently follow hundreds of profiles, which means they’ll have to spend a lot of time scrolling through their feeds each day to view everything that has been posted.

Also, remember that on Instagram, connections with family and friends are valued more highly than those with other users, such as influencers or corporations. As a result, updates from friends and relatives typically appear higher in the newsfeed.

5.The algorithm is unable to determine if Instagram users would find our postings engaging 


This myth is completely false. Instagram is excellent at determining what is and is not interesting. Now you would be thinking how? Then here is the answer as it observes and examines how much time people spend on content and whether they engage with it. Your Instagram performance will improve generally the more users interact with your profile and content. However, it involves more than just actively participating in your postings (liking, commenting), such as browsing through your profile and posts, forwarding them to other people directly, saving them, etc.

The method used to compile the list of users who have viewed your Stories is another intriguing piece of information. Many users experience this problem. Contrary to popular misconception, the list is only partially determined by how frequently we engage with each profile. Instagram claims that the amount of time other users spend profile and seeing our stuff matters most in this situation. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be users who frequently engage with you and your material. All that matter are users who observe what we do without letting us know they are interested in it could be those people.

6.Every Instagram user sees the same top posts


Another myth is this one! Everything is based on and tailored to our choices and interests, including the top content in the Explore Feed. It’s all because the Instagram algorithm relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence to do its job rather than continual indicators.

The Explore Page, where posts are displayed based on our choices, interests, and past searches, operates similarly. This implies that the entries in the Explore Page will be absolutely unique for each of us. For instance, if you frequently read articles about sports and travel, the Explore Page will feature a lot of material that is comparable.

7.Strive for likes

A few years ago, getting a lot of likes on Instagram would have been a decent indicator of success. Yet we should be moving towards entirely different measurements by 2022. The number of likes is a measure that is getting easier to rig, but we also need to keep in mind that we can now hide the number of likes under every single post we make.


The Instagram algorithm is already well-known to us, but you should be aware of some common misconceptions. This article’s primary goal is to make you aware of those facts. After knowing these, the best course of action we can suggest is testing numerous solutions and independently confirming any notion you come across.


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