Savannah Re Overton, Personal Life and Net Worth

Savannah Re Overton is a celebrity child who maintains a very private life far away from the eyes of the public. Yet, she is known for being the daughter of American celebrity couple Jayne Kennedy and Bill Overton.

Though information about Savannah Re Overton is not much known, we tried to find out details about her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, children, love life, and other such details. Read the article further and unfold the details.

Personal life

Savannah Re Overton took birth on 20 November 1985 as the daughter of Jayne Kennedy and Bill Overton in the USA. She holds American nationality while her religious views are not known to the public.

If you are keen to know about the love life of Savannah Re Overton, let us tell you Savannah Re Overton has been very lucky in this matter. She met the love of her life when she was in college in 2011 and the name of her Prince charm is Jaris Dwayne Williams.

After being in a romantic relationship for almost 8 years, they made their relationship official in 2019 by getting married.

Parents and siblings

Savannah Re Overton is the firstborn of Jayne Kennedy and Bill Overton, who have two more kids other than Savannah Re Overton. The names of the younger siblings of Savannah Re Overton are Kopper Joi Overton and Zaire Ollyea Overton.

Coming to the personal and professional lips of her parents, they got married in 1985 and have been together since then. On their professional front, both of them are famous actors.


Savannah Re Overton is a married lady but she is probably yet to become a mother because there is no information about her kids.

Education and profession

Savannah Re Overton has received high education in her life and is well-established professionally right now. After completing her early education, she enrolled at Syracuse University and completed her graduation. Right now, she is a regular practitioner of media literacy advocate.

Coming to the profession of Savannah Re Overton, she is a professor right now. Other than that, she is also the senior director of Equity and Talent at Harlem Lacrosse.

Why is Savannah Re Overton popular

Needless to mention that it’s the parents of Savannah Re Overton who make her popular. Despite the fact that Savannah Re Overton maintains a private life, she remains in the media because of the stardom of her parents.

Savannah Re Overton’s Net worth

As we just said that Savannah Re Overton is a professor and also active in some other profession, so it won’t be wrong to estimate that the gorgeous lady must be earning massive money in her life.

However, she doesn’t feel the need to talk about that in public. This is the reason that Savannah Re Overton’s net worth is not known to the public. Not just she, but her mother has earned a great amount of money in her life as well. As of 2023, she is estimated to hold a net worth of around 2 million.


Savannah Re Overton is not one such person who just follows in the footprints of their parents even if they have no talents in that particular field. She has chosen a complete profession for her and achieved success in that as well.

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