Princeton Harris Hamilton, Personal Life and Net Worth

If you are a fan of American Grammy award-winning singer Anthony Hamilton, you would have definitely heard the name of  Princeton Harris Hamilton, who is his loving son. Princeton Harris Hamilton is a young teenager today but is already famous because of his celebrity father.

Today, let us tell you everything about Princeton Harris Hamilton like his childhood, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other details.

Personal life

Princeton Harris Hamilton was born on 4th June 2012 in the USA to American celebrity couple Anthony Hamilton and Tarsha McMillan. Right now, Princeton Harris Hamilton is enjoying the best days of his life along with his siblings. With the fact that he is just 10 years old today, we don’t think he would be having any romantic relationship.

Parents and siblings

Princeton Harris Hamilton is one of 3 kids of his parents, Anthony Hamilton and Tarsha McMillan, who could not enjoy a very long married life. His parents got married in 2005 after dating for almost 2 years. They remained together till 2015 and enjoyed a whole bunch of love together with their three kids.

In addition to Princeton Harris Hamilton, they have twin sons named Aaron Michael Hamilton and Nolan Anthony Hamilton.  Coming to the profession of his parents, both of them are great musicians.


Princeton Harris Hamilton is just 10 years old right now and this is, of course, not the age to have kids.

Education and profession

The educational background of Princeton Harris Hamilton is a mystery to the public because his parents made sure not to spill any beans regarding that. However, considering his age, we can say that Princeton Harris Hamilton is today a school-going child and would be getting his education from a renowned school because he is the son of rich parents.

As for the profession, the young teenager obviously does not have any profession as of now. Right now, Princeton Harris Hamilton is completely focusing on his studies.

Reason for the popularity of Princeton Harris Hamilton

Princeton Harris Hamilton is the son of two famous personalities. With this fact, you can assume what would be the reason for his popularity. Yes, it’s his parents and their stardom.

Net worth of Princeton Harris Hamilton

Princeton Harris Hamilton is yet to start his professional journey and earn money. Given the fact, he does not have any net worth right now under his name. However, it does not mean that there’s a dearth of luxury and comfort in his life.

All thanks to his parents, who have amassed a massive amount of money in their lives and provided Princeton Harris Hamilton with everything. As of 2023, his father alone holds a giant net worth of around 8 million, which he has churned out through his music career.


Princeton Harris Hamilton has been enjoying stardom and popularity since his childhood. It won’t be surprising if we see this little kid following in the footprints of his parents and making his career in show business in the future.


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