Caryn Finkbeiner, Personal Life and Net Worth

Caryn Finkbeiner is a celebrity spouse. He is the wife of Jonny Fairplay, who is a versatile man and known to be an American art consultant, professional wrestler, and TV personality. Today, we will tell you everything about the wife of this celebrity man.

So, read the article further and find out the details about early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, children, love life, and other details about Caryn Finkbeiner.

Personal life

Despite being a celebrity wife, Caryn Finkbeiner has not shared many details about her life and this is the reason that nothing is known about the early life of this American lady. From the names of her parents to her exact date of birth, nothing has been disclosed to the public.

If you talk about the love life of Caryn Finkbeiner, she is today the beloved wife of American celebrity Jonny Fairplay. The couple got married in 2016 and have been together since then. Whether this is the first marriage of Caryn Finkbeiner or not is not confirmed. However, this is the second marriage of her husband, Jonny Fairplay.

Parents and siblings

Well, this is something that is a secret. Given the fact, you would not find any confirmed information on the parents as well as siblings of Caryn Finkbeiner. She herself never bothered to talk about her family background.


As of now, Caryn Finkbeiner is having a successful and happy married life with Jonny Fairplay and the couple has already welcomed a daughter together named Madilyn Jane, who was born on 20th May 2017. Besides her lovely daughter, Caryn Finkbeiner also has one stepdaughter from the previous relationship of her husband.

Education and profession

As Caryn Finkbeiner doesn’t prefer to disclose her life details to the public, nothing is known about her education as well as profession. However, with the fact that she is a celebrity wife today, we assume that she must be professionally well-established. Otherwise, she could not have married such a big star so easily.

Reason for the popularity of Caryn Finkbeiner

This is a no-brainer that the main reason for the popularity of Caryn Finkbeiner is her husband, Jonny Fairplay, who is not just professionally successful but also very much active on social media. He never shies away from sharing his family pictures on his Instagram handle. This is how Caryn Finkbeiner grabs public attention.

Net worth of Caryn Finkbeiner

Considering the fact that the profession of Caryn Finkbeiner is not known, estimating her net worth is not possible. At the moment, Caryn Finkbeiner is enjoying an opulent lifestyle that is not possible for ordinary people. All thanks to her husband, Jonny Fairplay, who holds an estimated net worth of 400 thousand. He has churned out this money through his different professions.


Caryn Finkbeiner has got the privilege to enjoy a glamorous life and remain in the spotlight of the media regularly, but, on the contrary, she prefers to live a private life. We must say that Caryn Finkbeiner is a kind of person who doesn’t believe in showing off.


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