Sigourney Weaver’s Height and Role in ‘Avatar 2’


Sigourney Weaver, the esteemed actress, is making a notable return to the big screen in “Avatar 2.” In this highly anticipated sequel to James Cameron’s 2009 sci-fi adventure, Weaver takes on the role of Kiri, a 14-year-old Na’vi alien. To prepare for this unique character, Weaver immersed herself in the world of teenagers by observing classes at New York’s prestigious LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts. Let’s delve into Weaver’s portrayal of Kiri and her experience working on “Avatar 2.”

The Role of Kiri

In “Avatar: The Way of Water,” Kiri is the daughter of Dr. Grace Augustine, Weaver’s character from the first movie. After the untimely demise of Grace, Kiri is adopted as a baby by Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña). As the story unfolds, Kiri embarks on a journey to discover her father’s identity and unravel the mysteries surrounding her unique nature compared to other Na’vi children. Throughout the film, she harnesses powers connected to the natural world and Eywa, the life force of Pandora.

Weaver’s Preparation and Collaboration

James Cameron, the director, approached Weaver about the role of Kiri as early as 2010. Their extensive collaboration involved discussing the creation of a character deeply connected to nature and possessing a profound understanding of plants and animals. Cameron’s belief in Weaver’s ability to portray the teenage character stemmed from his perception of her youthful energy and maturity. To ensure an authentic portrayal, Weaver even attended classes alongside young acting students at LaGuardia High School, immersing herself in the behavior and voices of adolescents.

Training for the Role

Weaver’s dedication to her craft extended beyond character study. Alongside the rest of the “Avatar 2” cast, she underwent training for the film’s challenging aquatic motion-capture sequences. This training included breath-holding techniques and learning underwater sign language. Additionally, Weaver embraced physical challenges such as parkour, enabling her character to effortlessly navigate tree boughs and floating mountains. The training regimen aimed to maintain a high level of fitness for all cast members, dispelling any doubts about Weaver’s capabilities due to age.

Kiri’s Unique Traits

In contrast to other Na’vi characters, Kiri does not rely on physical combat. Instead, she possesses a gentle nature and other extraordinary powers. Weaver highlights Kiri’s sensitivity to injustice and cruelty, making her a passionate and empathetic character. By exploring these nuanced traits, Weaver brings depth and complexity to Kiri’s portrayal.

Weaver’s Reflection on the Role

For Weaver, playing a teenager once again, even in a fictional context, was a liberating experience. She considers the role a celebration of the possibilities enabled by motion-capture technology. Breaking away from conventional expectations based on age, this technology allows actors to explore a wide range of characters and forms. Weaver’s successful career, spanning five decades, has been marked by her refusal to be typecast. She has portrayed iconic characters across various genres, showcasing her versatility and range as an actress.

Embracing Change and Diversity in Hollywood

Weaver recognizes that her uniqueness, including her height of approximately 6 feet, initially posed a challenge in Hollywood. However, she took control of her career and made conscious choices to avoid repetition and explore diverse roles. By refusing to be pigeonholed, Weaver defied expectations and directed her own path in the industry. She hopes that Hollywood acknowledges the extraordinary capabilities of older actors and embraces a broader range of talent.


Sigourney Weaver’s portrayal of Kiri in “Avatar 2” showcases her versatility and dedication as an actress. By immersing herself in the world of teenagers and undergoing physical training, she fully embraced the role and its challenges. Weaver’s journey reflects her determination to break stereotypes and forge her own path in the industry. As audiences anticipate the release of “Avatar 2,” we can look forward to witnessing Weaver’s remarkable performance as Kiri, a character with a deep connection to nature and a quest for identity.

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