The Compelling Story of Siobhan Rowlings

Siobhan Rowlings has remained famous courtesy of her ex-husband Lee Murray. Lee Murray is a mixed martial arts fighter who was arrested and imprisoned for masterminding the robbery of the Bank of England, where over 92 million dollars was stolen.

Personal Life

Siobhan Rowlings met Lee Murray when they attended school together at Foxfield Primary School. They became friends and extended their relationship to high school. Despite their age difference, they started dating, and before they knew it, Siobhan was already pregnant, and she was a teenager. She gave birth to her first child on December 24, 1998; she named her Lilly Jane.

Marriage and Divorce

Despite his criminal record, Siobhan Rowlings chose to marry Lee Murray. On November 24, 2000, the couple exchanged their wedding vows, and at the time, Lee was involved in martial arts, so she listed her husband’s career as a fighter. While still married, Lee continued with his criminal activities, and in 2006, he was arrested for a bank robbery.

Since he was absent for two years from her life, Siobhan decided to divorce Lee Murray in 2008; at the time, he had been jailed for ten years.

Life After Divorce

After cutting her ties with Lee Murray, Siobhan Rowlings continued with her life and, most importantly, taking care of her beautiful daughter, who was then 10. Lilly Jane is now a grown woman, and she is focusing on her career. It is unclear if Siobhan Rowlings remarried and had any children or if she focused on raising her daughter.

Her Ex-Husband

Siobhan’s ex-husband had a troubled childhood; his father was absent in his early years, but when he came around, he often beat him, and he had to defend himself. One time after receiving a beating from his father, Lee retaliated by taking him down. Siobhan’s relationship largely influenced his life as he later became a thug.

While in high school, Lee was indisciplined and was later expelled; he turned to the streets, where he joined criminal gangs doing drugs and stealing from people. He was dealing in cannabis and cocaine, and he had become a feared drug dealer in his neighbourhood. He often harassed police officers by following them around, and they were scared of him.

The Major Career of Siobhan’s Ex-Husband

Lee started training in gyms and later became a mixed martial artist. He fought his first fight in December 1999, winning against Rob Hudson. After his first success, he started intense training and was often involved in wrestling and boxing. In the early 2000s, Siobhan’s ex-husband participated in several fights, winning many of them.

Murray fought Anderson Silva in September 2004 but defeated him unanimously. He signed a contract with Ultimate Fighting Championship, and on his debut, he fought Jorge Rivera, who he defeated in the first round.

Arrest and Conviction of Her Ex-Husband

Siobhan’s ex-husband was arrested in 2006 for masterminding a bank robbery. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but in 2010, they were increased to 25 years after he attempted to escape.

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