Taylor Aurora Sco Jackson Family, Personal Life, and More

Taylor Aurora Sco Jackson is the daughter of American singer Taj Jackson. She was born on November 21, 2018. She got famous as the daughter of Taj Jackson and his wife, Thayana Sco Jackson. It is apparent when a child is born into a celebrity family, he gets more recognition. Let’s read about this celebrity kid’s life, family history, and more.

Education of Taylor Aurora Sco Jackson

Taylor is a small kid enjoying her life without the stress of studies. We don’t have any information about her educational qualification. We want you to stay connected with us so that we can provide you with the latest updates about this celebrity kid.

Career Details of Taylor Aurora Sco Jackson

Since she has not even started studying, it’s evident that she doesn’t have any career right now. However, her father, Taj Jackson, has achieved great success as a singer, songwriter, producer, and director. Under the guidance of his father, he formed group 3T along with his brothers. He has produced a reality television show as part of his profession and individual efforts. He continues to tour with his band 3T and serves as a spokesperson for the Jackson family. Taj has used his expertise in television to direct music videos and documentary programs.

Taj Jackson directed the short film Code Z in 2014, and Big Screen Entertainment Group was given exclusive rights. Along with his brothers, he served as executive producer for the reality TV show “The Jacksons: Next Generation.” He directed the “Fire” music video by 3T in 2018. Jackson is already working on a new documentary series that will dispel myths surrounding his uncle Michael Jackson. The TV show will air in 2023, according to predictions.

Net Worth of Taylor Aurora Sco Jackson

Taylor Aurora Sco Jackson is not earning right now. She is dependent on her parents for everything, and since his father has amassed a net worth of $2.4 million as of 2023, she doesn’t need to worry about anything.

Family of Taylor Aurora Sco Jackson

Taylor has a younger sister named Toria Katherine Sco Jackson, born on May 8, 2021. Her grandfather, Tito Jackson, is an American musician. He is a founding member of the Jackson 5, who achieved success with the Motown label in the late 1960s and early 1970s before achieving further success with the group on the Epic label.

Her grandmother was Delores Martes Jackson. She died on August 27, 1994. She was discovered floating dead in a pool, and the demise was thought to be accidental until Donald Bohana, a businessman from Los Angeles, was accused of killing her and later convicted of second-degree murder in 1998. Taylor’s great-grandfather, Joseph Walter Jackson, was an American talent manager and patriarch of the Jackson family of entertainers, while her great-grandmother, Katherine Jackson, is now the matriarch. She is the mother of the legendary singer and dancer Michael Jackson.

Final Verdict

If born into a celebrity family, you eventually become the center of attention without doing anything. These celebrity kids receive so much love from the public; therefore, for security reasons, Taylor Aurora’s parents have never disclosed any personal information about her.

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