Marcus Oher: Michael Oher’s Brother

Marcus Oher is in the spotlight as a celebrity sibling. He is the brother of former football player  Michael Oher. Michael was a football offensive tackle and played for eight seasons in the National Football League (NFL). He initially played for Baltimore Ravens and later played for Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers. Marcus’ brother has had a successful football career, earning several highlights and awards, including Super Bowl champion (XLVII) and Jacobs Blocking Trophy in 2008.

What does Marcus do for a living? What are his brother’s career highlights as an offensive tackle? Keep reading to answer these questions and learn more about Marcus and Michael Oher.

Marcus Oher’s Bio

Details of Oher’s age or date of birth are not available publicly. His parents were Michael Jerome Williams Sr. and Denise Oher. Growing up, Marcus and his siblings received little to no support from his parents. His father was in and out of prison, where he eventually got murdered, while his mother was a crack cocaine addict. The siblings ended up growing up in and out of different foster homes. Marcus has been kept under the radar throughout his life. His whereabouts and what he does for a living remain a mystery to the public.

Marcus has 11 siblings who include Michael Oher, a football player, Carlos Oher, and Andre Oher.

Marcus Oher’s Brother: Michael Oher

Michael Jerome Oher was born on 28 May 1986 to Micahel Jerome Williams and Denise Oher in Memphis, Tennessee. He was one of Denise’s 12 children. Like the rest of his siblings, Michael received little attention and discipline from his parents since his mother suffered alcoholism and crack cocaine addiction while his father was frequently in prison. As a result, he attended eleven schools during his first nine years as a student. At seven, he was placed in foster care and alternated between different foster homes and being homeless.

Oher played football as a freshman at a public high school and later joined Briarcrest Christian School. With the help of Hugh Freeze, the school’s football coach, and Tim Long, the offensive line coach, Oher was named Division II (2A) Lineman of the Year in 2003. Oher was eventually adopted by Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy, who had a daughter and son attending Briarcrest. The family supported him, tended to his needs, and even hired a tutor for him to help improve his grades.

At the end of his senior season in 2005, Oher participated in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. He received a scholarship from several institutions but decided to play for Ed Orgeron at the University of Mississippi. He received numerous college awards and honors, like the 2005 First Team Freshman All-American and 2008 Outland Trophy finalist.

Professionally, he played for the Baltimore Ravens from 2009 to 2013. he then signed a four-year contract with the Tennessee Titans in March 2014, but he got released by the Titans in February 2015. He joined Carolina Panthers in March 2015 and got released in July 2017 after failing a physical.

In 2011, Oher wrote his autobiography; I Beat the Odds: From Homelessness to The Blind Side and Beyond. He is one of the subjects of The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, a book written by Michael Lewis. A portion of the book was adapted to the 2009 film The Blind Side, directed by John Lee Hancock.

Wrapping Up

Marcus Oher and his siblings had a difficult upbringing, but his brother Michael beat the odds and became one of the most recognized football faces.

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