Top 6 Summer Movies of All Times

Summer is right around the corner and the perfect time of the year to reconnect with your friends and family. Whether you’re on your way to vacation, or planning to stay home all summer, movies are your go-to entertainment. Streaming services have provided access to a large pool of entertainment. Name an era, genre, actor, or theme, there’s a long list of movies to spoil yourself with.

We have curated a list of our all-time favorite summer movies to indulge yourself in. You might need to subscribe to a few channels or streaming platforms. Having a good internet plan is also essential. If you intend on using more data, you can simply upgrade your plan for summer. Cox Internet, for example, offers pre-set plans with defined data limits. Cox customer service is accessible 24/7 and will assist you in choosing a suitable plan for your home.

We hope our list of top summer movies will end up on your movie list!

1. Call Me By Your Name

It’s summer and you’re meandering around a 17th-century villa in Italy and you find the love of your life. Isn’t that just the perfect love story? Call Me By Your Name takes you on a journey of conflict between love and acceptance situated amidst the modern yet classical location that makes you want to pack and leave for Italy right away.

The film follows a sensual chemistry between the 17-year-old Elio and his father’s research assistant, Oliver. Both meet and start spending time together and under the hot summer sun, Elio discovers his desire to be with Oliver.

The film is a perfect getaway, filled with emotion, music, exciting romance, and a visual treat. If you’re looking to watch a movie with your partner, this should be your first pick!

2. The Last Song

We’ve all had a love that sparked one fine summer. This film explores one such infatuation that takes birth on Wrightsville beach in North Carolina. Ronnie, a rebellious teenager who has given up her passion for playing the piano, has to spend her summer holiday with her father. With her parents divorced, Ronnie is lonely, aggressive, and defiant. At the beach, she meets Will and they fall in love after spending some time together.

The Last Song is a film about love, family, separation, growth, and most importantly, the magic of Summer.

3. The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a cinematic masterpiece that takes us back to the summer of 1922 in New York. The story is narrated by an aspiring writer, Nick Carraway who shifts to a new home right next to a millionaire, Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby is a party freak who invites all of New York’s movie stars and celebrities and never appears in public. The parties go on till dawn and Gatsby never makes an appearance.

Nick is invited by his neighbor to one of these parties where after dawn, Gatsby appears before him and shows interest in his neighbor. It soon turns out that Nick’s cousin Daisy, who is married and lives right across the river from Gatsby, is whom Gatsby is interested in. Gatsby throws a party every now and then only in the hope that someday, Daisy may come to one.

The film explores lost love, deceit, loyalty, and disloyalty along with a spectacular visual appeal. This one is a great sleepover movie to enjoy with friends!

4. We’re The Millers

Starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis, We’re The Millers is the story of a fake family that is pretending to enjoy their weekend in an attempt to successfully recover David’s position in the drug business.

David, who is a low-profile drug dealer, falls into trouble when local teens steal his drugs and cash. To reclaim and magnify his drug dealer status, David joins a family of four on a trip to deal drugs.

This hilarious, dysfunctional family drama is great for a big family night this summer!

5. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally tells the story of two fresh college graduates who share a ride back to New York and quarrel all the way. While Sally is bent on advocating for male-female friendships, Harry is of the view that a man and woman can never ‘just’ be friends. They part ways thinking good riddance, only to meet over and over again by chance!

Their sudden meetings bring them closer and soon, their annoyance flourishes into a beautiful friendship until one night when they decide to sleep together!

What follows is a ride up and down the love lane. They resist, collide, and eventually, end up together!

This movie is like a cool breeze on a hot summer noon!

6. The Perfect Date

Brooks is an ambitious, status-conscious college student who wants to earn well and live a luxurious life. One fine day he encounters someone who gets paid to go out on dates and voila! He develops the idea into an app that allows people to book him for dates.

All goes well till Brooks develops feelings for one of his clients.

The film is a fresh take on dating in today’s world. It makes you look at dating with an emotional eye. All in all, it makes this film a great watch for your summer party!

Happy Summers!

These films are a treat to watch any day, making them the perfect entertainment for your summertime. Gather your friends, cuddle with a loved one, or have a family night, we have you all covered!

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