Top Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wood in Your Home

Using reclaimed wood in your home can come with plenty of benefits. It looks great and can even help the environment. You’ll want to learn more to confidently use reclaimed wood in your home.

Here are all the top benefits of using reclaimed wood in your home.

1. It’s an Environmentally Friendly Material

Most importantly, reclaimed wood is an environmentally sustainable material. When you use it, you aren’t requiring more trees to be cut down, so you aren’t contributing to deforestation issues.

Reclaimed wood comes from old structures, like barns, sheds, and other buildings made from wood. An old barn could become your new reclaimed hardwood flooring, preventing those materials from winding up in a landfill somewhere. You give the wood new life by bringing it into your home.

Additionally, most reclaimed wood is sourced locally. That means you can also prevent more environmental harm since the wood won’t take as long to transport to you. The vehicles transporting the wood won’t need to burn through as much fuel if you’re closer to them.

In short, reclaimed wood is great for the environment. If collected responsibly, it’s very sustainable, reduces landfill waste, and reduces vehicle pollution.

2. It Has a Unique Appearance


Reclaimed wood has a very unique appearance that adds character to your home. It’s charming, and each piece tells a story. Many people feel that it suits minimalist and country-themed homes the best. However, you can easily find a use for wood in any setting because it’s neutral and natural.

There are also unique marks on the wood from its time as part of another structure. No two pieces will look exactly the same, and each has a story to tell. It can create a stunning effect on floors, walls, and even as part of furniture.

So, reclaimed wood can help you achieve your vision if you want a unique interior design.

3. It’s Stronger and More Durable

Next, reclaimed hardwood floors will last you much longer than new wood floors. It’s true for several reasons.

Primarily, older trees that go into reclaimed wood had much longer to grow, so they’re strong and very dense. When trees are cut down early, the wood isn’t as strong. 

Reclaimed wood has also had time to season, enabling it to better resist warping. New wood can easily bend, split, and splinter if it shifts. Old wood went through that process years ago, so you don’t have to worry about it happening now.

So, reclaimed wood is the obvious choice if you want to make your new wood projects last as long as possible.

4. It Contains Fewer Chemicals

Since the reclaimed wood came from an old structure, it’s much less likely to have been treated with chemicals. Especially when compared to new wood. 

If you choose reclaimed wood, you might not have to worry as much about indoor air pollution. The wood shouldn’t release harmful chemicals into the air since it either has already come out years ago or wasn’t there in the first place.

Newly treated wood can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well. VOCs can trigger allergies and other respiratory issues.

Ensure you always source your reclaimed wood from a reputable supplier to receive this benefit. 

5. It Can Be Versatile

Reclaimed wood can be highly versatile. You can use it for anything you would use newly sourced timber for. That includes flooring, walls, ceilings, and furniture. Many people use it to make tables, dressers, and chairs. You’ll indeed find a use for it in your projects, too.

That also means you can customize the wood to suit your decorating tastes. You can choose the shapes, finishes, and textures that best fit your vision.

6. It Builds a Connection With Nature

Natural wood is a soothing building material. It can create a warm atmosphere that’s comfortable, which is precisely what you’re looking for in your home. It also reminds us of nature and might lower our blood pressure.

You can use the wood as a statement piece since even a tiny amount can make your space feel more natural.

7. It’s Very Low Maintenance

Reclaimed hardwood is also simple to take care of. You’ll need to clean it and occasionally have it refinished, but that’s all you need to do to keep the old wood in outstanding condition. 

To clean the reclaimed wood, you’ll want to use a soft, dry dusting cloth to wipe it down. Doing so keeps it free of dirt and other debris. Make sure you don’t use any harsh cleaners on the wood. It’s usually best to only use water to wipe down the wood if needed. Make sure to also wipe the wood dry immediately. 

With newer wood, you’ll find yourself cleaning it much more frequently. It also needs refinishing more often. The maintenance costs are small, but they will add up.

8. You Can Preserve History


You’ll want to learn more about where the reclaimed wood you’re using comes from. It can come from old barns, houses, factories, and other buildings that might have a historical value in your area. You’ll want to preserve the history of those places.

Using the wood in your walls and floors lets you save some of the character of those other places, too. You’ll be reminded of where the wood came from every time you see it.

9. You Support Local Businesses

Lastly, you can often support your local economy when using reclaimed wood. Most of it’s sourced and sold in regional areas, giving the people there reliable jobs. 

Choose Reclaimed Wood!

So, as you can see, reclaimed wood has tons of benefits you can take advantage of. You’ll be supporting a local business while being environmentally friendly. Plus, your home will have a unique appearance while preserving a small piece of history.

You can use reclaimed wood for anything you can use new wood for, so why not try? You’re sure to love the results. It’s going to last you much longer, too.

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