Transform Your Home Office: 3 Design Trends to Enhance Your WFH Productivity

Working from home (WFH) became common during the pandemic. It seems to be a “new normal” way of working. Some love it, while others do not! However, since many are now spending more time at home, it’s important to have a clean, functional and comfortable space. Let’s review three design trends to enhance your home office.

Integrate Natural elements

When you hear the word “nature”, images of plants, wood, bamboo, and green appear, right? It brings to your mind a sense of peace and calm. We, as humans, are very susceptible to nature. It is proven that plants boost serotonin levels. So, do not hesitate and go green around your home office.

You will find a large variety of indoor plants, most of which don’t cost much and also don’t require too much effort to keep alive. If you want to invest time into it, you could consider aromatic plants. Some are easy to cultivate, and the joy of witnessing their daily growth can be rewarding.

You can use hanging plants if you feel creative or need more space in your home office and surroundings. Choose a different variety; maybe some will please you better than others!

Think of natural materials and light in your office. Having some bamboo or wood accessories around you will bring a warm atmosphere helping your productivity. If your home allows it, favour natural light from outside rather than lamps in a close area.

Make it ergonomic

An ergonomic workspace means being fully adjustable to your body and conditions.

Find a good chair with an adjustable seat, armrest, and headrest. It must be comfortable. Body alignment is key to preventing discomfort and promotes your health and focus. It is an investment, but you will spend most of your days on it! It is also so satisfying to sit in a comfortable chair.

There are other alternatives to a chair, like a gym ball, that you may try for an hour a day. Movement is also recommended to avoid too much rigidity and tension.

If your desk isn’t adjustable, think of laptop risers, an external mouse, and a keyboard that will please your wrists. Gather everything you need before starting work to enhance your productivity, as you will not be distracted looking for your stuff.

Bespoke cabinetry

Starting WFH is maybe a good moment to think about bespoke cabinetry. Indeed, you devote a part of your home for work, it is a valuable reason to make it yours.

With the help of the right professionals, you will be able to design bespoke cabinetry which answers all your needs, to enhance your productivity at WFH. It is built considering the space you have and the area you want to have it. Choose your material, and go creative to make it to your taste. It will become a stylish part of your home or room.

Choose specific storage, shelves, drawers, and compartments that make your files and tools easy to reach and classify. Get rid of any clutter, like entangled cables, creating a clear and peaceful space. Think of the table lamp that you may need for a video call or meeting to position your bespoke cabinetry.

Experienced designers will find accurate solutions for your home office bespoke cabinetry and make your job so much easier.


Work has a major impact on your health, mindset, and body. However, working from home can make you more productive. Now you have all the information you need to create a comfy, functional and effective space to enjoy, so get back to your desk!


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