Unlocking Efficiency and Security: A Comprehensive Review of the Top Virtual Data Room Providers

The list of virtual data room providers is increasing rapidly on a global level. There are already more than 75+ VDR vendors serving different industries across the globe. The availability of multiple options not only betters the competition and forces vendors to create premium solutions but helps buyers choose the best online data room software for their business.

However, there is another side of the picture; an abundance of options to choose from may also create confusion. That’s because all virtual data rooms don’t have the same type of security, ease of use, and utility.

If you are experiencing difficulties in picking the right VDR for you, here is a comprehensive review of top data room providers in the world. Before that, here are some expert tips to make your selection process more effective.

Things to consider when choosing data room services

Every other vendor will claim to be the best in the business, which is only possible in an ideal world. The following tips will make your decision-making more efficient.

  • Prepare a report on why you need data room technology, how it will benefit you, and what type of services you need.
  • Set and budget for your purchase, and then make a list of the features you need in the data room.
  • Use trusted software review platforms and compare virtual data rooms based on their security, ease of use, and customer support service.
  • Look out for data room vendors that specifically serve your particular industry. Don’t forget to check their industry-relevant certifications.
  • Ask for free trials; it will help you get used to the technology, and you can choose the best option after using multiple ones.

“Data breaches, data leaks, reputation and financial loss, and lawsuits are imminent if a business is slightly lazy about digital data handling. Switching to virtual data rooms and following basics can help businesses overcome this fear. The best part; VDRs are cost-efficient with amazingly flexible pricing plans,” says Ronald Hernandez, Founder of dataroom-providers.org.

Here is an overview of some of the best virtual data room providers.

iDeals virtual data rooms

iDeals is, without any doubt, one of the best data rooms and stands at the top of our list for multiple reasons. The company, iDeals Solutions Group, started its services in 2008 and is headquartered in London. iDeals being the pioneer in the electronic data room industry has served a million of professionals from over 175,000 nonprofits, commercial organizations, and public institutions

Apart from possessing every latest feature, iDeals virtual data rooms are globally known for three things;

  • It is safe to say that iDeals VDRs are arguably the safest data rooms available in the market. It is the only VDR with eight different security layers to protect data from all sorts of threats. iDeals data rooms are FINRA,HIPAA, SOC, and ISO-certified.
  • Ease of use. A simple and user-friendly interface allows users to navigate through the VDR with ease. iDeals data rooms are available in 14 different languages, which makes it one of a kind. What’s more, it boasts features like a built-in PDF viewer, MS Word/Excel file viewer and editor, drag-and-drop, mobile access, and bulk uploads.
  • Customer support. You will get your calls answered within 30 seconds, and the customer care unit is managed by industry experts.

iDeals data rooms are highly recommended for any business type and size.


Ansarada is a leading AI-driven virtual data room service provider that makes process automation and data handling easy and super effective. Using Ansarada VDRs, you can create customized workflows, easily move large amounts of data, and manage transactions like M&As, audits, and capital raising with utmost ease.

Ansarada has 15 years of experience in the field and has already facilitated over 35,000 transactions. It targets SMEs and enterprises and has a huge clientele in the financial sector.


DealRoom, as the name suggests, is an AI-powered deal management platform that businesses in the US and other parts of the world use for M&As, IPOs, fundraising, due diligence, etc. The company mostly specializes in deal management solutions. For example, DealRoom offers VDRs for the buy-side and sell-side in M&As.

What’s more, DealRoom regularly provides valuable insights related to M&As, deal management, and due diligence.


SecureDcos, a product of Onit company, is one of the most affordable virtual data rooms with all the qualities you want in a VDR. Be it deal management or regular data sharing, SecureDocs provides safe and cost-effective services.

SecureDocs’ basic plan starts at $250 a month, and the VDR is trustable for corporate fundraising, M&As, bankruptcy, litigation, and due diligence.

Final words

When choosing a virtual data room, always pay attention to its security, ease of use, industry-relevant experience, accessibility, and customer support service. Some of the best data room providers in the global market include iDeals, SecureDocs, DealRoom, and Ansarada.

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