What Are Common Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Car Crash Case?


Everyone makes mistakes. We are human, after all. However, some mistakes have lasting and more serious consequences compared to others. When it comes to establishing a car accident case in Alpharetta, the steps you take can significantly affect the outcome of your lawsuit.

That’s why it’s vital to call an Alpharetta car accident lawyer to consult whether you’ve suffered serious or minor injuries. Let’s go through some common and serious mistakes car crash victims make that can fully derail their injury claims.

Failing to Notify the Police

After a car wreck, you may not even remember to call the police. It’s normal to be in deep shock and confusion. Your adrenaline levels are increasing rapidly, and you need to ensure that every victim isn’t in any immediate danger. If you are able to hold your phone and speak, it’s imperative that you notify the police within the shortest possible time after the crash.

The nature of the accident, injuries or damages shouldn’t prevent you from calling and notifying the police. A police report file will significantly boost your chances of winning your lawsuit. When a police report isn’t available, the claim is open to interpretation. Statements and stories can easily be altered after the incident. And the at-fault parties can use them against your claim.

Failing to Obtain a Police Report Copy

Once you’ve ensured that the police were notified and the wreck’s details were documented properly, you should pick up your report within the next three days after the incident. Speak to the police officer at the scene to know where you can get the report’s copy.

After obtaining your police report copy, check it thoroughly and ensure all the details from the incident are correctly captured. Mistakes are common in these police reports, so it’s crucial that you review your report carefully. If you spot any mistake, call the investigating officer to see if they can willingly make those corrections.

Don’t wait too long to notify the police about the mistakes in the report. The longer you wait, the less likely your odds are to get the report rectified since accident memories fade away quickly with time.

Postponing Your Medical Treatment

Car accident claimants have the responsibility to mitigate damages. This process starts with seeking immediate medical treatment. If you decide to ignore medical advice or postpone your treatment, you could be easily deemed partially responsible for your injury’s severity. This could have several negative effects, including reducing the compensation to which you are rightfully entitled.

Remember that your total compensation in a car crash claim can be reduced in proportion to your liability percentage. Never postpone your medical treatment or ignore a health expert’s advice.

Posting on Social Media

It doesn’t matter whether your social media accounts are set to “private” mode; anything you post is public information. Once you upload something online, the chances of the public accessing it are higher. And for this reason, if you file a car accident lawsuit, you should expect that concerned insurance firms will be investigating you seriously at some point. Unrelated and innocuous images or other things you post can be used against your claim.

Let’s look at an example. You’re involved in a car accident and upload information that you are suffering from back soreness resulting from the incident, and some days later, you post images of rock climbing. It’ll be difficult for you to prove to anyone that you are really suffering from back pain. Also, if you’re frustrated with any conversation with an insurance company’s adjuster, social media isn’t the perfect destination for your grievances.

Not Hiring a Knowledgeable Lawyer

Never represent yourself in a car accident lawsuit, even if you’re a personal injury attorney as you need to concentrate on your recovery. Insurance firms will always have knowledgeable attorneys handling car crash claims. So they need to meet an experienced and dedicated attorney in order to release reasonable reimbursement.

The perfect way to avoid making these mistakes is to hire an experienced Alpharetta car accident lawyer. With an experienced attorney on your side, you’ll not speak to anyone and say something that can hurt your lawsuit.

You can avoid many things that can jeopardize your car accident lawsuit, which you can avoid by simply hiring a lawyer and consulting them. If you’ve been involved in a car crash and need much-needed assistance, call on an Alpharetta personal injury attorney to get started on the right path.

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