What are the reasons that terrorists and criminals are turning to crypto?

The use of cryptocurrencies has been on the rise for the past few years and bitcoin valuations have skyrocketed to record highs, resulting in crypto mania at its peak. While crypto is gaining popularity among more and more consumers as a legitimate transaction, there itself it is increasingly being used by criminal actors by the day. During the year 2020, illegal activities worth around $10 billion have come to the fore globally. Cryptocurrency crime is on the rise and has emerged as a major issue for law enforcement agencies, as blockchain is capable of completely changing the nature of financial investigations. Beside use of crypto for illegal activities, its craze is on a rise! Start investing in it but first visit www.thecryptogenius.software and learn how to invest. Learn from an educational expert right now!

Today in this blog we will discuss the 4 reasons why crypto is being used by criminals and also show some steps through which such crimes can be avoided.

Why are cryptocurrencies being used by criminals?


All transactions that take place on the blockchain are kept on a public record as well as accessible to anyone for review, regardless of the identity of the person making the transaction. Furthermore, transactions can be conducted from a single or many destination addresses to a single or multiple cryptographic addresses. This address is typically utilised to deliver the funds when you submit your address to the delivery party. In hindsight, however, there is absolutely no relationship between the address—a random string of characters—and its owner. Therefore, although transaction data is assumed to be completely public, anyone transacting remains completely anonymous. And similarly, many things can be traded anonymously by criminals, including drugs, explosives, weapons, child pornography, and many, many more.


One of the main features of cryptocurrency is that it does not face any difficulty in transferring it easily and quickly from one crypto address to another, whether it is the same person or completely different parties, local Or to serve acquaintances, foreigners strangers related toSeen globally, they are easily moved anywhere at any time, thus enabling trade such as international trade, which easily translates into trafficking, in a criminal setting.

3.Transfer and easy storage

Cryptocurrencies, as digital assets, are relatively easy to store. Furthermore, unlike stacks of bills, there is no physical space required for the storage of crypto wallet information. This means that they don’t attract the attention of any more thieves or criminals.Furthermore, crypto can be easily transferred internationally and locally with no risk of confiscation whatsoever.

4.No settings of any kind are attached

Crypto is a digital asset that is usually transferred between peers, where no prior acquaintance between the parties is considered necessary. In addition, it is not thought necessary for a third party to act as an intermediary of any kind. As a result, it is commonly used by criminals to sell things like digital data or drugs on a large scale, as well as for terror funding across borders.

Steps were taken to avoid criminal activities:

They took advantage of the situation and people who are stuck in situations like pandemics under pressure. Due to the unknown, they reveal their password and get attacked.

  • Thus to avoid such a situation, you should make a strong password including some unique letters and special characters which would be impossible to guess.
  • Keep an eye on unwanted email messages and texts from unknown persons over the internet. As most of the hackers reach out to some of their victims.


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