What is the best portable grill?

Nothing can equal the taste of a barbecue during your summer gatherings, can it? As the sun starts to shine and the atmosphere warms around you, a BBQ grill pops out in every garden. That’s a good sign, the long and chilly evenings are coming, and you can look forward to grilling over an open flame and appreciating the smoky taste of your dishes.

We understand that you want to enjoy a BBQ grill anytime and anywhere, and for that, you might consider a portable grill. Investing into one can lighten your vacation or weekends away from home as they are made to be easily transportable. It is also a great purchase if you live in an apartment or if you have limited outdoor space. Through this blog, we are going to give you recommendations about the best Weber portable bbq grill you can find on the market this year.

Weber Traveler BBQ

This gas Weber portable grill’s main advantage is that it offers a large barbecuing area. It allows you to cook all your food at the same time, which is very beneficial when you want to share a meal with a large group of people. In the meantime, it is compact and doesn’t take up much storage space at home or in your luggage compartment for transportation.

It is the easiest portable grill system on wheels, to set up and then pack away when you are finished. That’s a great advantage as you won’t spend a lot of time and energy on this task.

The Weber Traveler BBQ gas system optimises gas use so you won’t spend much on fuel. The temperature control is perfect and precise so you can cook anything on it, even pancakes! It is a luxury version of the Weber portable grill as it gives you all advantages of a full-size grill.

Weber Go Anywhere

This Weber charcoal grill is an affordable option and still offers good quality food. It is a simple portable grill that is very efficient and will last forever! It comes with a 10 year warranty which is a non-negligible advantage.

This grill offers a large charcoal bed and a chrome-plated cooking grill space so you can cook many ingredients together. Don’t be fooled by this design, you will be able to cook pretty much everything on this grill.

It comes with a lid so you won’t be affected by wind while cooking. You will be able to enjoy this grill for picnics, parks, or on the beach or camping trip.

Weber Jumbo Joe

One of the best options for price considering its qualities. This portable kettle bbq is 47 cm in diameter which is enough to smoke a rack of ribs or an entire chicken but also small enough to be transported. The handy lid holder facilitates the grill carriage to keep the kettle and lid together. You will appreciate the glass-reinforced nylon handles for a safe BBQ experience. The versatility is fantastic as you can grill, smoke, and barbecue simply and enjoyably. The temperature level is easy to maintain with the dual-vent system.

Weber Smokey Joe

The smallest and most affordable alternative to the Weber Jumbo Joe! This Weber portable grill is ideal if you like to go on adventures in a duo or trio. The main difference from the Jumbo Joe is that there is no dual vent system, as the lower vent is removed. The temperature control will not be as accurate however it is not a huge issue for a grill that does not need slow cooking. It is a perfect solution for a smaller and more affordable Weber portable grill.


Hopefully this blog will help you make your choice for your ideal grill depending on your needs and lifestyle and enjoy the summer BBQ season!

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