What Makes Antalya a Hotspot for Foreigners Looking to Buy Property?

Turkey has a number of cities with great real estate, and it’s an amazing place to invest. There is a ton of demand for property in recent years – more so than in the past. Expats are drawn to Antalya when looking to buy property in Antalya for foreigners. Antalya is really a good location for foreign buyers due to its excellent investment opportunity. There will continue to be demand in this region for the foreseeable future as it offers easy access to European markets, and has some of the best weather in the world.

Market of Real Estate in Antalya

Antalya has several advantages over other cities in Turkey. Foreign investors are drawn to Antalya because of the diverse environment, the potential for tourism, and the access to business opportunities. It’s also an ideal destination for expats looking to retire or raise a family. Antalya’s location, made up of five beaches and mountains, making it desirable to anyone looking for a comfortable lifestyle. The city is also one of the top destinations in Turkey with an international airport, making it easily accessible for tourists and expats alike.

Investments Opportunities

As Antalya is becoming more popular as a new hotspot for tourism, businesses are raising their investments. The city has become even more attractive to tourists and now is clearly the place to invest on property. Antalya now has a very high demand for both homeowners and renters, since the tourism industry has grown in the area. This type of investment is one of many benefits in this part of Turkey, making it a valuable location.

If you’re ready to buy a home in Antalya, then you’ll be pleased to know the real estate market can be considered affordable. It’s similar to other European cities and is also comparable. Turkey’s second-largest city has a lot to offer in terms of low cost of living and investment opportunities. The beneficial tax system ensures that you can scale down taxes when your property starts generating income.

Types of Properties Available

Antalya is a great place for property owners, whether they’re looking to buy a house, apartment or a flat. Unlike other cities in Turkey, apartments are more affordable and require less maintenance than houses or villas.

Flats & Apartments

There are several reasons why you might like to purchase an apartment in Antalya. One of these is, of course, the price for a decent quality apartment. There are also different specifications for each property location and size that will affect the final price.


Houses and new homes are generally more expensive, but also offer more space and provide some peace of mind for homeowners who often feel like they’re not at home when they’re away.

Permanent Residence or Retirement Abroad

Many foreigners choose to purchase real estate in Antalya for permanent residence because of its excellent quality of life, with plenty of outdoor activities, good healthcare, and a low cost of living. The Mediterranean climate makes it a great place to escape the cold, as you won’t have to deal with snow in Los Angeles or New York.

Offers from Developers and Real Estate Agencies

One can find plenty of rental accommodation and deals for buying with property in Antalya. Some of these opportunities might include discounts on buying prices or reducing interest rates on mortgages. However, it is important to do your research and heed any warnings for potential scams. Some “developers” in Turkey are blatantly obvious scam artists. On Turk.Estate you can find only verified and trusted developers and real estate agencies.

Offers from Developers and Real Estate Agencies

Legal Procedures for Foreigners

Buying property in Antalya is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is to get a TAN, open a bank account in Turkey, and you’ll be ready to buy without issue. Buying a new home can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing, which is why many people turn to professionals to help make the process smoother. The problem arises when you want to find someone really trustworthy who can provide true customer service. To help solve this problem, choose someone who has the reputation as an expert in these areas before getting into further detail with the purchase process.

In order to purchase property, buyers need to pay a deposit of 10%. After that they need to obtain a military clearance card and this can take up to six weeks. These certificates aren’t difficult or time-consuming to create, and all they require is a bit of effort on your end. Signing the document in person is then done with a notary public.

Summary on Real Estate in Antalya

Antalya is a city that is remarkably popular amongst tourists, with affordable prices and a high quality of life. It’s an attractive destination for anyone who’s looking to invest or retire abroad. With so many different offers available from lots of different companies, it can be difficult to pick the best investment for your needs. Antalya as a result is a lucrative investment in the long run. It would be sensible to conduct research before making such an important decision.


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