Who was Lucy Chase Fiedler?

Lucy Chase Fiedler was the daughter of American actress Bess Armstrong and her second husband, John Fiedler. She was born on July 22, 1986, and died on January 8, 1987, aged five months. Lucy had two younger siblings who had never met her. They are Samuel Chase and Luke Allen Fiedler.

Cause of Her Death

When Lucy Chase Fiedler was born, she had an underdeveloped brain, and the doctors informed her parents that she might never be able to talk or walk. Additionally, Lucy would find it difficult to recognize even her parents. Despite her health issue, Bess and her husband vowed to care for their daughter in the best way.

Lucy died five months later due to complications of an underdeveloped brain. She was buried at the Church of the Good Shepherd Memorial Garden in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Effect of Lucy’s Death on Her Parents

Lucy’s parents were devastated after their daughter died. They loved her unconditionally; there is no worse pain than watching your child die. Bess and John later showed more love to their other two children and took care of them to fill the void left by Lucy. Bess mentioned that the best gift Lucy gave them is they could never take anything for granted.

Despite the loss, Lucy’s parents moved on and are doing well in their respective careers.

Her Parents’ Romantic Life

Before meeting Lucy’s father, Bess Armstrong was married to Chris Carreras. They exchanged wedding vows in 1983, but their marriage was short-lived as they divorced a year later. Bess and Chris never mentioned the reasons for their divorce, but they are friends.

After divorcing Chris Carreras, Bess met John Fiedler, and they started dating before getting married the following year. The couple has been together for over 36 years, and their love for each other keeps growing.

Her Mother’s Acting Career

Lucy Chase Fiedler’s mother started acting in 1975; her first feature was in the Broadway play Harmony House. Two years later, she landed her first television role as Julia Peters in On Our Own. Before making her film debut, she appeared in other television shows, including The Love Boat, How to Pick Up Girls!, 11th Victim, Getting Married, and Walking Through the Fire.

Bess made her film debut in 1981, appearing as Ginny Newley in The Four Seasons. Her other film projects include High Road to China, The House of God, That Darn Cat, Diamond Men, Dream Lover, and Second Sight. Besides, Lucy’s mother also appeared in high-profile shows, including Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, and Castle.

What is the Net Worth of Lucy’s Parents

When Lucy Chase Fiedler died, she left her parents at the peak of their careers. For instance, her mother appeared in many television shows and movies in the 1980s. It has been 35 years since Lucy died, and her mother is still active in the acting industry. Lucy’s mother has made approximately 3 million dollars from her acting career.

On the other hand, Lucy’s father has also made some wealth through his career as a producer; he has produced several projects, including Simply Irresistible, Beyond the Law, Serial Mom, and Copycat, among others.

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