A Guide To Protect and Enhance Your Car’s Paint & Finish

One of the best ways to preserve your vehicle’s value includes protecting your paint. You may have tried products such as spray wax, but your vehicle needs more than wax to maintain its exterior. Therefore, this is a guide for protecting and enhancing your car’s paint.

Regular Washes

One of the best things you can do for your vehicle’s paint is to keep it clean. Regularly remove the dirt, grime and debris that collects on your car’s exterior because the abrasiveness of these impurities can cause scratches and wear in your paint job. Therefore, wash your car regularly.

You can go to a car wash, but avoid those that beat the debris back into your paint. You can also wash your vehicle yourself using soft cleaning rags or sponges made for auto paint, water, a hose with a spray nozzle that isn’t too harsh, a soft towel and proper car wash products.

Where you store your vehicle, how often you drive, the season and where you live impact how often you need to wash your car. However, make it a regular habit.

New Technology Using Spray Wax

When you finish your car wash, don’t forget to apply a quality wax. You may consider new spray wax technology. In fact, you may have asked, “What is ceramic spray wax?” This product adds SiO2 or ceramic products to traditional wax. This additional ceramic additive increases your wax’s strength and durability while adding shine that lasts longer. These products also shed water quickly and more efficiently than traditional options.

Quality Car Wax for Shine & Strength

If you aren’t ready to try a new spray wax option, consider traditional or misting wax, such as Turtle Wax Pure Shine. Wax products encourage water shedding. They also fill in scratches and dints to protect the metal of your car’s exterior. A good-quality wax keeps dirt, debris, tree sap and other contaminants off your vehicle’s paint. Instead, they collect on the wax surface. Of course, wax also enhances your vehicle’s shine.

Other Coating Options

Did you know that you can add coatings to your paint as well? The manufacturer of your vehicle adds a clear coat to protect your paint from UV rays, but you can add temporary car wraps to protect against scratches as well as heat, moisture and cold weather. Ceramic coatings are similar to wraps except that they also protect your windshield and windows. These coatings contain quartz or other crystallized materials and last for up to two years.

If you want something more durable, consider a paint protection film, which actually self-heals and is thicker and stronger than ceramic coatings. If you live or frequently traverse dirt roads, this is a great option.

Cover Your Vehicle

When you aren’t driving your car, consider covering it. Either store it in covered parking, such as a garage, or purchase a car cover. Weather elements cause more rapid deterioration of your paint, so if you want to keep it in great shape, cover your vehicle.

It may surprise you how much of an impact your paint job has on your vehicle’s resale value. Protect your paint job and resale value with these few key tips.


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