Adebisi Abu Personal Life, Career, & More

Adebisi Abu is popularly known as the father of the singer-songwriter and actress Helen Folasade Adu. Her stage name is “Sade.” Adebisi Abu was an Economics professor of Nigerian descent whose eldest child was “Sade”, and he also had a son called Banji Adu.

Personal Life & Career of Adebisi Abu

Adebisi Abu was born in Nigeria in 1935. He worked as a civil servant for the Nigerian government before moving to England in the early 1960s to study law. After qualifying as a barrister, he practiced law in London for a few years.

In the late 1950s, Adebisi Abu met and married his wife, Anne Hayes, with whom he had two children: Helen and Banji. Anne Hayes was a nurse by profession. The couple split in 1963 when their eldest daughter was only 4 years of age.

All about Sade

Helen Folasade Adu, better known by her stage name Sade, is a British Nigerian singer, songwriter, and actress. Sade’s music is often classified as smooth jazz, but she has stated that her influences include a wide range of genres, including soul, R&B, rock, and reggae. Her vocals have been praised for their distinctive style and range.

Sade’s Career as a Singer

Adu began her singing career with a band called Pride in 1984. She was later introduced to the band Sade by a friend, and she joined the group in 1985. Sade’s first album, “Diamond Life”, was released in 1984 and was an instant success, selling over six million copies worldwide.

The band’s follow-up album, “Promise”, was released in 1985 and achieved commercial success, reaching number one in the UK. “The Sweetest Taboo” and “Never as Good as the First Time” were among the album’s hit singles.

Sade’s third album, “Stronger Than Pride”, was released in 1988 and reached number two in the UK. The album’s lead single, “Paradise”, was a top ten hit in the UK. Sade’s fourth album, “Love Deluxe”, was released in 1992 and reached number one in the UK. “No Ordinary Love” and “Kiss of Life” were two of the album’s hit singles.

Sade’s fifth album, “Lovers Rock”, was released in 2000 and reached number two in the UK. The song “By Your Side” was a hit in this album. Sade’s sixth album, “Soldier of Love”, was released in 2010 and reached number one in the UK. “Soldier of Love” ranked as the top ten hit in the UK charts.

Sade’s Career in Hollywood

Apart from singing, Adu has also appeared in several film and television roles. She made her acting debut in the British miniseries “The Red Tent” and has also appeared in the films “Absolute Beginners”, “Miami Vice”, and “American Gangster”.

Awards won by Sade

Adu has won numerous awards for her work with Sade, including a Grammy Award for Best New Artist, three Grammy Awards for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, and two Brit Awards.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of the 63-year-old “Sade” is $80 million.


Adebisi was a loving and supportive father to his children, and was extremely proud of Helen’s achievements, both as a musician and as a person. He was always quick to point out that she had “a good head on her shoulders” and was “very level-headed.” He died in 1996, aged 61, after a long illness.

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