What You Need to Know About Jamie Veronica Murdock

Jamie Veronica Murdock is the only child of American animal rights activist Carole Baskin. She was born on July 16, 1980, to Carole and her first husband, Michael Murdock. Jamie Veronica was born when her mother was 18, a year after she had just married her department store boss.

Personal Life

Regarding her love life, Jamie Veronica has been with two men so far; at first, she married Dr. Justin Boorstein, who works at Big Cat Rescue, but their marriage ended in divorce. It is unclear why they separated but remained friends with Dr. Boorstein still working as the veterinary officer in Big Cat Rescue.

Jamie then met Victor Alonso and have been dating for a while; they seem very much in love as they often visit new places together and are both animal lovers. Jamie Verona has not revealed if she has any children; she is a great person and always finds it easy to make friends.


Jamie Veronica Murdock is an animal lover just like her mother; when she came of age, she started working beside her mother at Big Cat Rescue. She has been serving as the organization’s president for over ten years; Jamie also has other roles in the organization; she is a staff photographer, is on the Board of Directors, and serves as chair of the volunteer committee.

Jamie Veronica also manages the rehabilitation program of Big Cat Rescue as she is a certified wildlife rehabilitator. Besides her roles at Big Cat Rescue, Jamie has other businesses; she owns Dancing Butterfly Arts, an art studio where she sells art pieces. Most of her art is on animals, especially big cats.

Her Mother

Jamie’s mother worked at a department store when she met her first husband, Michael Murdock, the store owner. She was 17; they married in April 1979 and had their child, Jamie Veronica Murdock, the following year. Carole mentioned that Michael was abusive towards her, and their marriage was breaking apart.

After Jamie’s father fought with Michael Murdock, she ran into Tampa Street, where she met Don Lewis, who later became her husband. Carole and Don Lewis started a romantic relationship even though she was still married to Michael. Jamie’s mother divorced Michael and married Don Lewis, and she started involving herself in real estate.

While married to Don, she actively engaged in real estate and made good fortune. In 1997, Carole’s husband disappeared, and some accused her of murdering him; he was declared legally dead in 2002. Jamie’s mother loved animals since she was young, and upon her marriage to Don Lewis, she established an animal sanctuary, which she later renamed Big Cat Rescue.

Social Media

Regarding her social media presence, Jamie Veronica is not active on Instagram or Twitter but has a Facebook page; she likes posting videos of animals Big Cat Rescue cares for and sometimes shares videos of when the medical staff treats the animals. She also sometimes publishes pictures of herself and her husband when they are out on dates.


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