Balbino A Valderrama, Personal Life and Net Worth

Balbino A Valderrama is a celebrity father who is famous for being the father of American actor and producer Wilmer Valderrama. The duo of father and son share a very good relationship and they are often spotted together.

So, today, we thought of telling you everything about Balbino A Valderrama including his early life, family, childhood education, work, net worth, and all other things.

Personal life

You will hardly find any information regarding the early life of Balbino A Valderrama. The reason being, he actually came into the spotlight of the media when his son became an actor. So, the life details of the Balbino A Valderrama before this are still not known to the public. The only thing known about early life is his nationality. He is a Venezuelan. According to some sources, Balbino A Valderrama was born in 1951. Speaking of the love life of Balbino A Valderrama, he fell in love with a Colombian girl named Sobeida Valderrama. The exact date of marriage of Balbino A Valderrama is not known, they are said to have got married in 1979.

Parents and siblings

There is no information available on the parents and siblings of Balbino A Valderrama. Neither Balbino A Valderrama nor his son has ever bothered to talk about this matter.


Balbino A Valderrama has a successful marriage with his wife, Sobeida Valderrama and the couple has 4 kids together. The names of their children are Wilmer Valderrama, Christian Valderrama, Stephanie Valderrama, and Marylin Valderrama. The interesting thing is that all of their children are quite popular and successful in their careers.

Education and profession

Not just the early life but the educational background of Balbino A Valderrama is also a mystery to the public. Despite being popular, he has never talked about his education. As for the profession, according to some sources, the family owned a farm equipment rental company. So, Balbino A Valderrama might be the owner of that after his father. However, this is not confirmed information.

Reason for the popularity of Balbino A Valderrama

Of course, it’s the children of Balbino A Valderrama who make him popular, especially his son, Wilmer Valderrama. Wilmer shares such a good bonding with his father that he often shares lovely pictures of them.

Net worth of Balbino A Valderrama

As you already know that the profession of Balbino A Valderrama is not really confirmed, it can’t be said how much money he has made in his career. Nevertheless, one thing is sure that Balbino A Valderrama earned a big amount of money in his career because he gave his kids a privileged life. Right now, his son himself is an owner of a big chunk of money. He holds a stunning net worth of around 20 million.


For a father, it is really the proud things that his kids become the reason for his popularity and Balbino A Valderrama is one of those proud fathers. We must say he has raised his children very well and made them capable of making something big in their life.

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