Denis Murray McKellen, Personal Life and Net Worth

Denis Murray McKellen is a proud celebrity father, who is known decades after his death just because of his son, Ian McKellen, who is a famous British actor holding a successful film career of almost 7 decades. Today, let us tell you everything in detail about Denis Murray McKellen.

So, read the article further if you want to know the early life, parents, education, profession, children, love life, net worth, and other details about Denis Murray McKellen.

Personal life

Born in 1905 in Stockport, Cheshire, England, UK, to William Henry McKellen and Alice Beatrice McKellen, Denis Murray McKellen was a British celebrity father, who left the world a little early at the age of just 59. Denis Murray McKellen took his last breath in 1964. Before that, he had a wonderful life with a happy family and kids.

In his lifetime, Denis Murray McKellen got married two times. The name of his first wife was Margery Lois McKellen. He married her in 1931 and remained together for 20 years till 1951. After getting separated from Margery Lois McKellen, he married Gladys Irene McKellen in 1954 and this marriage lasted till his death in 1964.

Parents and siblings

Denis Murray McKellen was the beloved son of William Henry McKellen and Alice Beatrice McKellen. Besides the name of his parents, nothing is available about their personal as well as professional lives. The same goes for the siblings of Denis Murray McKellen as well.


Denis Murray McKellen was a proud father of two kids including one daughter and one son. He had both of these kids from his first marriage with Margery Lois McKellen. The names of his kids are Jean McKellen and Ian McKellen. The second marriage of Denis Murray McKellen did not yield any kids.

Education and profession

There is no confirmed information available on the education of Denis Murray McKellen. However, we are pretty sure that he had gained a good education in his life because he was a civil engineer by profession. Given this fact, he obviously couldn’t work in such a prestigious profession without a good education.

Reason for the popularity of Denis Murray McKellen

Needless to mention that one and only reason for the popularity of Denis Murray McKellen is his award-winning actor son, Ian McKellen, who is a household name in British cinema.

Net worth of Denis Murray McKellen

As we know that Denis Murray McKellen was a civil engineer by profession, we assume that he must have churned out a good amount of money in his life. However, he got to experience a king-like life in his later years only when his son became a successful actor. As of 2023, his son, Ian McKellen, holds a staggering net worth of around 60 million.


Denis Murray McKellen died a little earlier and could not see his son enjoying the golden days of his professional career. He would have been very happy to see his son achieve such a giant success because it was only his hard work as a father behind the success of his son.

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