Cleveland HB Soft Milled Putters: Precision and Performance at a Budget-Friendly Price


When it comes to precision and performance in the world of golf, milled putters are renowned for their exceptional quality. However, their premium price tags often place them out of reach for many golfers. Enter the Cleveland HB Soft Milled putters, a game-changing addition to the golf equipment market. In this article, we explore the innovative features, designs, and affordability of these putters, designed to offer golfers the classic milled putter experience without breaking the bank.

The Cleveland Difference

Cleveland, a brand known for making tried-and-true putter designs accessible to golfers of all levels, has taken a unique approach with the HB Soft Milled putter family. Instead of the traditional process of milling the entire putter head, which can be costly, Cleveland has opted to mill only the faces of these putters. This strategy enhances feel, creates a more precise hitting area, and provides a more stable shaft option, all while keeping the price budget-friendly.

The Milled Precision

Milled putters are typically crafted from a single piece of stainless steel. This meticulous process involves a computer-controlled bit shaving tiny pieces of metal off the block, resulting in a putter head made with utmost precision. However, this level of craftsmanship often comes with a hefty price tag, putting it beyond the reach of many golfers.

Cleveland’s Innovative Approach

Cleveland has found a way to bridge the gap between precision and affordability. The HB Soft Milled putter family includes ten different head shapes, each featuring a unique blend of casting and milling. The putter heads are cast, involving pouring melted metal into molds to create the clubhead. Subsequently, the front and back of each head are meticulously milled, reducing waste and costs while elevating precision.

Speed Optimized Face Technology

All ten putters in the HB Soft Milled family incorporate Cleveland’s Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT). This innovative milling design is strategically applied to the hitting area of each club. The circular milling pattern is designed to normalize ball speed over a more extensive portion of the hitting area, with densely-packed grooves in the center and grooves that are farther apart in the heel and toe areas. Each pattern is tailored to the stroke type each putter is designed for, whether it’s a slight arc or a straight stroke.

Customization for Every Golfer

Cleveland offers golfers a range of customization options based on the swing type for which each putter is optimized. Heel-toe weighted blades, such as the 1, 4, 8P, 5, 10.5, and 11S mallets, are ideal for slight-arc strokes. Cleveland has equipped them with Golf Pride PRO ONLY Red Star grips. These grips feature a pistol-shaped design, promoting a smooth putter turnover during the putting stroke. On the other hand, the 8P blade, 10.5C, 11, and 14 mallets are better suited for golfers with a straight stroke. For this category, Cleveland has included Golf Pride PRO ONLY Green Star grips, designed with an ovular shape to minimize hand movement during the stroke.

Shaft Options

Cleveland provides golfers with options for both steel and graphite/steel shafts, thanks to the collaboration with UST Mamiya. The optional All-In shaft boasts a 26 percent increase in stiffness to reduce flex and enhance stability. According to UST Mamiya, golfers using this shaft experience up to 10 percent more consistency in face angle at impact.


The Cleveland HB Soft Milled putters offer golfers the best of both worlds: the precision and performance of milled putters at a more budget-friendly price point. With innovative milling technology, customization for various swing types, and advanced shaft options, these putters cater to golfers looking to enhance their putting game without breaking the bank.

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