Derryl Barrett Sr, Personal Life and Net Worth

Derryl Barrett Sr is a celebrity father, who grabbed public attention when his musician son, Mario (singer), achieved huge success in the industry. However, Derryl Barrett Sr has always remained low profile. Still, we tried to find out some significant life details about him

Today, we will unfold all those details here like his early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, age, and other such details.

Personal life

With the fact that the main reason that made Derryl Barrett Sr famous is his son, no information is available about his childhood. From the names of his parents to his date of birth and age to birthplace, nothing is known to the public.

Speaking of the love life of Derryl Barrett Sr, he got married to an American lady named Shawntia Hardaway. Besides this, nothing much is available about his married life either. According to some sources, it seems like he did not remain with his wife for too long.

Parents and siblings

The information about the parents and siblings of Derryl Barrett Sr is a complete mystery to the public because neither Derryl Barrett Sr nor his famous son ever bothered to talk about these things publicly.


Derryl Barrett Sr is the proud father of two kids and the interesting thing is that both of his kids are today famous personalities in the music industry. His eldest son Mario is a famous musician while his youngest son Derryl “D.J.” Barrett Jr is an acclaimed drummer.

Education and profession

Like many other celebrities, the educational background of Derryl Barrett Sr has also not been disclosed to the public. As far as the profession of Derryl Barrett Sr is concerned, he is a former musician, who used to sing in a gospel group called Reformation. However, he could not gain much success as a musician.

Reason for the popularity of Derryl Barrett Sr

Though Derryl Barrett Sr himself was a musician and has done some wonderful works as well, he could never get a breakthrough in his career and this is the reason that he could not come into the limelight of the media. However, in the later years of his life, he got his fair share of popularity because of his famous son, Mario.

Net worth of Derryl Barrett Sr

Considering the fact that Derryl Barrett Sr works as a musician, it does not come as a surprise that he must have had good money in his life. However, he hasn’t disclosed the exact numbers of his net worth.

If we talk about the net worth of his famous musician son, Mario, he holds a jaw-dropping net worth of around 18 million, which he has churned out solely through his music career. Given the fact, Derryl Barrett Sr enjoys an opulent lifestyle today.


Derryl Barrett Sr was incredibly talented during his youth but, unfortunately, he could not grab public attention. All thanks to his son, who brought his name in front of the people and made him a celebrity as well.

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