Andrea Mejjati, Personal Life and Net Worth

Andrea Mejjati is a celebrity daughter, who is getting to enjoy the popularity and stardom of her mother, Orianne Cevey, who is popular for being the ex-wife of English musician Phil Collins. Though not much information is available about Andrea Mejjati, we tried to find out some significant details about her.

If you are interested to know that, dig deeper into the details and find out all about the early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, love life, and all other details of Andrea Mejjati.

Personal life

With the fact that neither Andrea Mejjati nor her mother is a big celebrity, there is not at all any information available on the early life of Andrea Mejjati. From her exact date of birth to her birthplace, nothing is known. If you talk about the names of her parents, she is the daughter of Orianne Cevey and Fouad Mejjati. With the fact that the mother of Andrea Mejjati is Swiss, we hope that Andrea Mejjati might hold the same nationality.

As for the love life of Andrea Mejjati, nothing is known about her age. So, it can’t be said whether she is old enough to get involved in any romantic relationship.

Parents and siblings

Andrea Mejjati is the daughter of Orianne Cevey and Fouad Mejjati, who were married from 2008 to 2017. Their relationship was not very smooth and they had a bitter separation. Probably, they had one child and this is the reason that Andrea Mejjati does not have any siblings. However, she has a couple of step-siblings from her mother.

Speaking of the professions of her parents, the father of Andrea Mejjati is an investment banker, while her mother is a famous jewelry designer.


Though the age of Andrea Mejjati is not known, we hope that she is certainly not old enough to have kids at the moment.

Education and profession

Considering the fact that the parents of Andrea Mejjati are rich, it won’t be wrong to say that Andrea Mejjati would be getting her education from a renowned school or college. However, not even a single piece of information is available on that. If we talk about her profession, nothing is known regarding that either.

Reason for the popularity of Andrea Mejjati

Of course, it’s the mother of Andrea Mejjati who makes her popular. Her mother grabbed huge media attention for her personal reasons and this is why Andrea Mejjati also gained significant public attention.

Net worth of Andrea Mejjati

With the fact that the age and the profession of Andrea Mejjati are a complete mystery, nothing is known about her earnings and net worth. If we talk about the net worth of her mother, She must be a millionaire today.

Her divorce from the English musician Phil Collins was the most expensive divorce at the time. Phil had to pay 25 Euro million to the mother of Andrea Mejjati for the settlement of the case.


Andrea Mejjati as well as her mother maintains a completely private life right now and this is why not much information is available about her.

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