Edmonia Sue, Personal Life and Net Worth

Edmonia Sue is a celebrity mother, best known because of his late actor son Gary Coleman, who was the highest-paid child actor during the 1970s and 1980s. However today we are not here to talk about the legacy of this superstar but to discuss the life details of his mother.

So, delve deep into details and find out all about Edmonia Sue including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and many other details that have not been talked about yet.

Personal life

Considering the fact that Edmonia Sue is mainly known because of her son, not any information is available about her early life. From the names of her parents to her date of birth, everything is a mystery to the public.

If you talk about her love life, the lady is married to W.G. Coleman. When the couple got married and whether they are together today is not known. If you talk about his profession, her husband worked as a forklift operator during his initial days.

Parents and siblings

You would hardly find any information about the parents and siblings of Edmonia Sue because she herself never disclosed even a single piece of information regarding her family background.


The married life of W.G. Coleman and Edmonia Sue is successful. However, it is not confirmed whether she embraced motherhood through it. How many kids Edmonia Sue exactly has is not known either. There is information about one of her children and he is Gary Coleman, who is her adopted child. He died in 2010 after establishing himself as a successful actor in Hollywood.

Education and profession

Like the family background of Edmonia Sue, there is no information available on her educational background either. However, we believe that Edmonia Sue has definitely received a good education in her life because she is a nurse practitioner by profession. Owing to fact, she could not have simply become a nurse practitioner without having a good education.

Reason for the popularity of Edmonia Sue

Hands down, the one and only reason for the popularity of Edmonia Sue is her late son, Gary Coleman, who was the most popular and successful child actor in Hollywood. Though the relationship between mother and son was not very smooth, she is still popular for being his mother.

Net worth of Edmonia Sue

With the fact that Edmonia Sue is a nurse practitioner, we hope that she must have earned good money in her life, though not that much that she could enjoy abundant luxury. If you want to know the net worth of her actor son, he had around $75000 when he died in 2010. Gary Coleman had made all this money through his acting career.


With The fact that Edmonia Sue adopted a child and tried hard to give him possibly the best upbringing, we can say that she is definitely a lady with a golden heart and a kind soul. We really wonder what happened so badly that her relationship became strained with her loving son.



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