What You Don’t Know About Felicity De Jager, Randall Cunningham’s Wife

Felicity De Jager is a celebrity wife who came into the limelight because of her marriage to Randall Cunningham, a former football player from America. Felicity, a South African national, became popular, although she has tried to maintain a low profile.

Randall Cunningham played for NFL for sixteen seasons, and his son is a recognized player. The family continues to focus on football, and it is no wonder Randall’s brother Sam Cunningham was also a professional footballer.

Felicity De Jager Bio

Felicity De Jager was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on April 6, 1967. Before she married her husband, Randall Cunningham, Felicity was a Christian leader and a Ballet Dancer.

It is unclear how they met because the information has never been shared with the public. In 1993, the duo exchanged vows, and they became a family. The pair have been married for three decades and are proud parents of three children.

Felicity De Jager’s wife is a mother to Vashti Cunningham, Christian Cunningham, and Randall Cunningham II, a professional football player like his father.

Felicity’s Husband

Felicity’s husband, Randall Cunningham, is a former American football quarterback. The former player played for National Football League for sixteen seasons, where he established himself as a famous footballer.

Felicity’s husband was born in Santa Barbara, California, in 1963, and he had an elder brother Sam Cunningham who was also an NFL player. He joined Santa Barbara High School and started his football career there.

Randall graduated in 1981, and during his time in Santa Barbara High school, as a senior, he led his team to a League title and CIF finals, giving him more limelight as a footballer.

Besides playing football in high school, Cunningham participated in the High Jump. He competed in track and field, and it seems he was influenced to participate in the game because of his elder brother Frank who was a state champion in the shot put.

Felicity’s Children

Felicity is a proud mother of three children who has been active in the sports sector. Felicity has a daughter named Vashti Cunningham, and the twenty-four-year-old has built a name for herself by participating in sports.

Vashti Cunningham is a track and field athlete who took part in the 2020 Summer Olympics in the high jump becoming number six overall. Vashti is the second born in the family and has an older brother Randall Jr, who is two years old.

Vashti’s brother is also active in sports and plays professional football like his father. Randall Jr has continued with the family legacy, and being the only son, he has made his father proud.

Felicity has another daughter, the youngest, but unlike her older siblings, she has led a quiet life and is probably focused on her studies.

Felicity and her husband lead a happy life and are currently focused on serving locals as pastors. The couple lives a happy life, and their early careers helped them to gather enough wealth. Now they have dedicated their life to church service and charity work.



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