Ivy Elizabeth Schur, Personal Life and Net Worth

Ivy Elizabeth Schur is a fortunate child, who is born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Today, she is best known for being the daughter of American celebrity couple J. J. Philbin and Michael Schur. Other than the parents of Ivy Elizabeth Schur, her grandparents were also active in showbiz. Their popularity also helps Ivy Elizabeth Schur to be a famous name in the world.

Today, we will tell you everything about Ivy Elizabeth Schur including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, age, earnings, love life, and other such details that you should know about her.

Personal life

Ivy Elizabeth Schur was born in 2010 to American celebrity couple J. J. Philbin and Michael Schur. Her exact date of birth and birthplace are not known to the public because her parents never bothered to disclose any details regarding that. Furthermore, the little girl holds American nationality while her religious views are not confirmed.

Considering the fact that Ivy Elizabeth Schur is just 12 years old, we don’t think she would be having any serious romantic relationship. She might be involved in a casual love relationship but it would not be a serious and long-term one.

Parents and siblings

Ivy Elizabeth Schur is the youngest of two children of her parents, J. J. Philbin and Michael Schur, who has been enjoying marital bliss since 2005. 3 years after their marriage, they welcomed their first child and the name of the elder brother of Ivy Elizabeth Schur is William Schur. As for their professions, they both are active in the film industry and have successful careers as film producers.


With the fact that Ivy Elizabeth Schur is only 12 years old, there is obviously no chance of her having any child. At the moment, she herself is a little child and enjoying her childhood.

Education and profession

You will not get any confirmed information on the education as well as the profession of Ivy Elizabeth Schur because her parents have maintained complete silence over this. Considering the age of Ivy Elizabeth Schur, we hope that she would be a school-going kid today and must not have started her professional journey yet.

Reason for the popularity of Ivy Elizabeth Schur

The birth of Ivy Elizabeth Schur in such a prestigious family itself is the reason for her popularity. First, she is known because of her grandparents and today she is famous because of her celebrity parents.

Net worth of Ivy Elizabeth Schur

Ivy Elizabeth Schur is just 12 years old today and this is, of course, not the age to have a profession and earn money. Given the fact, Ivy Elizabeth Schur does not have any net worth at the moment. Nevertheless, she is fortunate enough to have all luxuries and comfort in her life because her father, Michael Schur, alone has an estimated net worth of around 100 million.


Life can’t be more grateful for Ivy Elizabeth Schur than this. She is just a little child today but getting to enjoy everything in her life even without making any efforts.

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