Julian Edelman’s Personal Life: All About His Daughter and Dating Life

Julian Edelman, former NFL star, is famous for his impressive football career and records. However, his personal life has always been a subject of speculations, with many asking about his marital status and dating life. This article focuses on Julian Edelman’s personal life, specifically his daughter and dating life.

Julian Edelman’s Marital Status

Contrary to rumors that have circulated online, Julian Edelman is not married and does not have a wife. While the NFL star has been quite expressive on his social media pages about his burgeoning career, he remains secretive about his personal life. Edelman has a daughter, but there is no evidence to show that he has ever been married.

Julian Edelman’s Daughter

Julian Edelman’s daughter, Lily, was born on November 30, 2016. Her mother is Ella Rose, a Swedish model. The two were reportedly only friends with benefits when Ella became pregnant. Edelman initially denied responsibility for the pregnancy until Ella filed for a paternity test five months later. Since Lily’s birth, Edelman has been co-parenting with Ella, providing for his daughter as required by law in California, where Ella resides with Lily.

Julian Edelman’s Dating Life

Julian Edelman’s dating life has also been shrouded in mystery, with many rumors circulating online. While there is no official confirmation from Edelman himself, there have been rumors that he has been romantically involved with Victoria Secret models from Brazil, including Daiane Sodre and Adriana Lima. However, none of these relationships have been confirmed by Edelman or the models in question.

The only confirmed relationship Edelman has been in is with Ella Rose, with whom he has a daughter, Lily. Edelman has been vocal about his approach to dating, saying that he considers his daughter’s feelings when deciding to pursue a romantic relationship.

“When I go out and meet a fine young lady, I don’t get to just think about me. I’ve got to think about [Lily], so that one’s tricky. But I am dating and [she 100 percent needs to be stepmom material]. If she doesn’t mess with Lil, then she can’t mess with me.”

In conclusion, while Julian Edelman’s personal life remains shrouded in mystery, what is known is that he is a loving father to his daughter, Lily, and that his dating life is affected by his responsibilities as a parent.

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