Get to Know Michael von Drachenberg

Michael von Drachenberg is the brother of Kat von D, an American model, recording artist, entrepreneur, and tattoo artist. His parents are Sylvia and Rene Drachenberg, missionaries of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. His parents were Christians, so he was probably raised according to their beliefs.

Besides Kat von D, Michael has one sibling called Karoline. They grew up in the United States in Colton, San Bernadino County, California.

Personal Life

Michael von Drachenberg has lived a relatively private life different from his sister. His sister had a troubled teen, but he was quite different. Regarding his romantic life, there is no mention on the internet of who Michael is dating or if he is married. It is also unclear if Michael has any children.

His Sister

While growing up in San Bernadino, Kat von D particularly liked art, especially tattoos. She mentions that her grandmother inspired her to venture into music and art. At 12, Michael’s sister was already listening to punk rock bands, including Ramones and Misfits; these significantly influenced her, and two years later, she got her first tattoo.

When Kat was 15, she was a drug abuser, and her parents decided to a psychiatric center for troubled youths called Provo Canyon School. She spent six months there, but she mentioned that she was abused while at the institution after her discharge. After her release, she continued with school but stopped going to school and started working as a tattoo artist when she was 16.

His Sister’s Career

Michael von Drachenberg’s sister started working as a tattoo artist in her hometown before she was asked to join the reality show Miami Ink after their tattoo artist Darren Brass had broken his elbow. Kat von D worked on the show for two seasons and left after having an issue with fellow artist Ami James.

In 2007, Michael’s sister acquired LA Ink which showcased her tattoo work. She worked in her tattoo shop in Hollywood, California, and would give tattoos up to 200, with 400 being the maximum she managed to give in a day. LA Ink ended in 2011 after four seasons. Kat von D has also written a book, High Voltage Tattoo, which compiles her tattoo work.

Kat von D has been using her career earnings to support charity organizations. Besides art, Michael’s sister also runs some businesses, including make-up lines. When Kat released a lipstick called Selektion, it elicited some reactions among her fans as some felt it was discriminative in its naming. She renamed it Beloved and later apologized for the issue.

Michael’s sister stopped using alcohol when she realized it was disturbing her work as she could not concentrate on doing her job and was never sober. Kat von D has found success as a tattoo artist, entrepreneur, and recording artist.

Social Media

Michael von Drachenberg has no official accounts on social media platforms, but his sister is active on social media and has a considerable following, especially on Instagram. She uses her Instagram account to market her tattoo business and posts pictures of herself.

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