Get to Know Who is Luka Kennedy Garrett

Luka Kennedy Garrett is the son of American actor Trent Garrett and his former partner Tereza Kacerova. He was born on November 24, 2015, and is seven years old as of February 2023. Luka is the only child of his parents, as they separated months after he was born.

When he was born, his father posted a picture of him on his Instagram page, saying how much he loved him and they would grow up and be bad boys together. Luka’s parents often post him on their social media pages, where they declare how much they love him and how lucky they are to be his parents.


Luka’s mother mentions in her Instagram posts that she often goes to her son’s school to have lunch with him. However, his parents have not mentioned the name of the school he attends.

His Parents’ Relationship

Luka’s parents dated for a while in the 2010s; in 2015, they had their son. However, they ended their relationship and have been co-parenting since then. Luka spends some time with his mother and some with his father. After their separation, Luka’s mother started dating music DJ Avicii, but they kept their relationship private, and after Avicii’s death, she posted pictures of them together.

Tereza Kacerova mentioned that they were deeply in love, and Avicii was a great dad to Luka Kennedy Garrett. They even thought of having a daughter, whom Tereza would name Sarafina, but Avicii committed suicide. On the other hand, Luka’s father started dating actress Cassie Steele, and they married in 2018.

Luka’s father and Cassie met online, and after just five months of dating, they were already married. However, the couple separated in 2020 after two years of marriage. Trent has not mentioned who he is dating as of now.

Luka’s Father’s Career

Luka’s father has been acting since 2009, and he has appeared in many films and shows. He is most known for his role on the television show Andi Mack. Trent also portrayed Asher Pike in All My Children. Luka’s father’s other projects include Animal Kingdom,  Here and Now, and Make It or Break It.

Net Worth of His Father

Luka’s father has been acting for over ten years, and throughout that period, he has appeared in several shows for which he has been paid well. Trent has a net worth of 5 million dollars, and he can afford any life for his son with that money. Besides, Luka has had quite an adventurous childhood going to many new places sponsored by his father’s money.

Social Media

You can find so many pictures of Luka Kennedy Garrett on his parents’ Instagram account since he was an infant, and now he is 7. However, Luka is not active on social media platforms since he is young and is focusing on his studies. Her father enjoys a vast following on Instagram, and his fans always show him love, when he posts pictures of his son.

Given his parents are co-parenting, Luka’s mother always posts pictures of her son when they are together. She also posts pictures of her son on his birthday every year.

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