Facts About Majida Hyatt

Majida Hyatt was the sister of an American real estate developer of Palestinian origin Mohamed Hadid. She was born as a Palestinian refugee on February 8, 1952, to her parents, Anwar and Khairiah Hadid in Damascus, Syria. She has four sisters and three brothers: Ghada, Sana, Maha, Majid, Mohamed, Raida, and Mahmoud.

Early Life and Education

Majida was born in Syria, and her family lost their home to a family they had sheltered. Her family lived in several places before moving to the US, where they settled. When Majida Hyatt was 13 years old, her parents and seven siblings moved to the United States. She started attending school and later specialized in what she liked.

Majida Hyatt studied at Vander Zee School of Painting, where she learned the art of painting. She also attended the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

Personal Life

Majida Hyatt was a married woman; her husband was David Hyatt, and they had two children together a daughter named Deena Hyatt and a son named Nabeel Hyatt. Upon her death, they were married for 43 years. Majida was a painter who used to travel worldwide and paint whatever she saw.

Majida lived in London and Bangkok, and in her later years, she returned to the US and lived in California close to her family.


As aforementioned, Majida Hyatt was a painter, and some of her artworks were sold to galleries and private art collectors. However, some of her collections remained in her home. She was an inspiration to her children, and she left a legacy as a painter.

Her Brother

After completing his college education, Majida’s brother started working on classic cars; he would restore and then resell them. He then moved to Greece, opened a nightclub, and used its proceedings to venture into real estate. Majida’s brother collaborated with SAAR Foundation, which supported him in his real estate ventures.

He also collaborated with several banks and creditors who filed lawsuits against him for not paying them as per their agreements. Majida’s brother worked mostly in Bel air, and he developed a mansion in the area, which sold for 50 million dollars. Mohamed also constructed The Crescent Palace, which was worth 58 million.

Besides real estate, Majida’s brother has had other ventures, including athletics, and has made television show appearances. He appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Second Wives Club on E, and Shahs of Sunset.

In his personal life, Mohamed Hadid has been married twice, first to Mary Butler, with whom he had two daughters. After their divorce, he married Yolanda Hadid but divorced after six years together; they had three children. Hadid then met businesswoman and model Shiva Safai; they engaged in 2014 but ended their relationship in 2019.

Majida Hyatt’s brother has made good fortune through his business in real estate, but his career has been full of lawsuits and scandals.


Majida Hyatt died on March 16, 2018, at her home in Walnut Creek, where her family surrounded her. Though her family members never mentioned the cause of her death, Majida seems to have been sick. At the time of her death, she was 66 years old.

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