Robbie Lynn Speck – Who is She?

Most netizens know Robbie Lynn Speck as the daughter of Richard Speck, an American mass murderer, serial rapist, and abuser. Her mother’s name is Shirley Annette Malone, and she had Robbie when she was a teen. Robbie Lynn Speck was born on July 5, 1962.

There is no information on whether she is married or has any children in her personal life. Robbie has been off the public, so it is hard to know anything regarding her life. Details of what she does to earn a living have not been revealed as well.

Robbie’s Parents’ relationship

Richard Speck met Robbie’s mother in October 1961 at Texas State Fair. By then, Shirley was 15 years old, they started a romantic relationship, and she became pregnant three weeks into their relationship. During their time together, Richard Speck often mishandled Robbie’s mother; she even recalls Speck raping her at least once at knifepoint.

Shirley filed for divorce in 1966 as she had enough, not forgetting the beatings and rape by her husband.

Her Father

Robbie Lynn Speck’s father is known by most netizens for killing eight nursing students in South Deering, Chicago, by stabbing, slashing their throats, strangling, or combining the three. Only one student nurse survived on the night of July 14, 1966, by hiding under the bed.

Surprising, Robbie’s father was a good person when he was young. Upon his father’s death, whom he loved and was close to, his mother remarried a hard drinker who was often abusive, negatively affecting Richard Speck. Due to his stepfather’s nature, Robbie’s father struggled in school, and with his poor performance, he dropped out of school

Robbie Lynn Speck’s father had started drinking at 12, often got in trouble, and could be arrested for petty crimes. At 19, Robbie’s father worked as a laborer for a bottling company in Dallas. Despite working, Richard Speck could get himself on the wrong side of the law, and at one point, he was serving a 22-day jail time for disturbing the peace.

Robbie’s father was often involved in forgery and burglary, and for these, he was in and out of jail severally. He would attack and assault people and rob grocery stores, among other crimes. Speck could move from place to place to avoid being arrested.

The Murder of Nursing Students

The night Robbie Lynn’s father killed the eight student nurses, he had been drinking and was high on drugs. He broke into the nurses’ townhouse in Chicago. In the dormitory, he met five student nurses he tied up after robbing them. Moments later, three more students came in, and he also tied them.

Robbie’s father held them in the room for hours before killing them. Before killing his last victim Gloria Davy he raped her and then strangled her to death. He was later arrested and convicted of the murder of the student nurses.

Social Media

For a person who has kept a low profile like Robbie Lynn Speck, it is hard for such people to be active on social media platforms. She is not on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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