Life & Death Of Mattie Buster Shaffer

Each parent wants to watch their youngsters at the indents of achievement. Mattie Buster Shaffer had likewise imagined something very similar. Her child Adam Clayton Powell Jr. has invested all his energy into satisfying his folks’ fantasies. Be that as it may, this system has become a badge of pride for Mattie Buster Shaffer.

The article is introduced to get out the vision free from who Mattie Buster Shaffer was. Alongside him, a short segment will be added about her son Adam Clayton Powell Jr., due to whom Mattie is known in the domain.

Early Life And Family

Mattie Buster Shaffer was the daughter of Eliza Buster and Samuel Buster. She was born in February 1872 in West Virginia, United States. Mattie married Adam Clayton Powell and had two kids with him named Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and Blanche Fletcher King.

Excluding this, nothing else can have some significant awareness of how Mattie had spent her initial days. In any case, her son never expressed interest in discussing her maternal side of the family and relations.

Mattie’s Son And His Net Worth

Adam Clayton Powell Jr. was an American politician brought into the world on 29th November 1908 in New Haven, Connecticut, U.S. He was the second offspring of his parents. At first, he went to Townsend Harris Secondary School and afterward headed towards Colgate College, followed by City School of New York for higher education.

Initially, he used to assist his father in his charitable vocations. Adam generally used to take care of the clothing and meals of the poor. From there, he witnessed the struggle for the existence of needy people. Within a short duration, in Harlem, he stood up as a civil rights leader. Nonetheless, this situation stimulated Adam Clayton Powell Jr. to confront the world as a politician. In 1961, Adam evolved as the chairman of the Education and Labor Committee. On the other hand, he also used to hold one of the most powerful positions in Congress as an African American.

After losing his seat in the Congress party, he put all his effort into regaining it. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. also served as a spokesperson who tried to put forward ten social issues and civil rights for the citizens. Nonetheless, to subsidize the nations of Asia and Africa for their independence, he encouraged the presidents of the United States to signify their involvement.

Due to acute prostatitis, Adam Clayton Powell Jr. left the world on 4th April 1972 in Miami, Florida, U.S.

At the time of his death, Adam Clayton Powell Jr.’s had a net worth of 1-5 million dollars.


At the age of 73, Mattie Buster took her last breath on 22nd April 1945 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States.

Net Worth Of Mattie Buster Shaffer

As Mattie’s total assets aren’t known, talking about anything about her total assets is very troubling. So it’s better not to overthink her net worth.


Mattie Buster Shaffer was a pleased mother as she was known to the world due to her son. In any case, the crowd all over the planet is very much aware of how Adam Clayton Powell Jr. had dedicated himself to taking care of the political domain.

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