Revealing Cheap Car Shipping Techniques 

Hiring a car shipping service to haul your vehicle is more budget-friendly, safer, and more efficient than driving it yourself. Many people have the misperception that transporting a car would be far too expensive, but there are plenty of ways to save.

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When leaving the driving up to professionals, you can avoid excessive fuel costs on a long-distance trip, restaurant and lodging breaks, the wear and tear on your vehicle and added mileage, which could result in a service trip to your local mechanic.

Additionally, a reputable, quality auto transport company will review the various services to negotiate the most affordable service to fit your budget and meet your car shipping requirements. The objective is to give you peace of mind that your vehicle will be transported securely ultimately.

How To Save Money with Car Shipping 

With cheap auto transport, car owners save money not only by negotiating budget-friendly prices but also by avoiding driving long distances on their own.

When hiring a professional car shipping service, you avoid high costs in fuel, dining and lodging, the added wear and tear and extra mileage, which could save on repair expenses. Here are ways to save when using a reputable, reliable auto transport service.

Peak times 

All industries have peak seasons, the busiest times when hiring services is more expensive. That’s true of the car shipping sector, with the suggestion that the busiest times are from “May until September.” Fall and spring can be busy for auto transport, considerably affecting costs.

You can save money by steering clear of these time periods. If there’s no way to avoid the peak season, book far enough ahead to allow discounts and deals. Car shipping services suggest that car owners book no more than roughly a month ahead of their departure date.

This prevents the potential for weather condition changes or other circumstances beyond the company’s control that could create an uptake in the charges.

Allowing flexibility with your timing 

Between the auto transport company and the car owner, the booking is scheduled for the shipment based on the preferences and needs of the owner. The shipping service provides the opportunity for you to decide on the dates for pickup and drop-off based on your availability and what is most convenient for you.

In that same vein, having a level of flexibility will ensure a greater affordability since the carrier will typically offer deals when the delivery dates mesh with the driver’s itinerary and when they will be close to your vicinity.

Choosing terminal-to-terminal pickup and delivery 

Door-to-door pickup and delivery is a convenient, efficient, albeit expensive option for car owners that can save time and trouble from driving the car to a terminal. The car shipping service charges much less for dropping the car off at the terminal and having you then pick it up at the local terminal when delivered.

There’s a debate as to whether the terminal-to-terminal is, in fact, a greater savings compared to the door-to-door delivery.

Many of the ports are located a considerable distance from the owner’s location, leading to great expense in fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear when driving that distance to drop off and pick up. You must also pay for public transport from and to the facility.

In the same vein, you will pay storage fees when the car is kept at the terminal. Additionally, depending on the level of security, the vehicle will be exposed to vandalism and theft. This means it’s somewhat of a toss-up, depending on how you view each option.

Open-air carrier  

Many people prefer open transport over the enclosed trailers and, in so doing, save a considerable amount of money. Open transport is affordable, practical, efficient, and fast when transporting a vehicle. This option is usually reserved for daily drivers or standard vehicles compared to exclusive or expensive cars.

The enclosed trailer offers premium protection for these vehicles. It is a white glove service that provides optimum security from the time the auto is loaded until it arrives at its final destination. This is ideal for luxury cars, classic and antique cars, exotic autos, motorcycles, and more.

While open transport is exposed on all sides to the outdoor elements, it’s more protected than a vehicle would be on its daily travels.

It’s a common and favored car shipping option for car owners, professional dealerships, and transport drivers, not only because of its cost efficiency but because it’s a secure, effective, and convenient choice.

Final Thought 

While shipping a car for free is not an option, auto transport companies do their best to negotiate prices that fit within car owners’ budgets and serve their needs efficiently. Go here for details on the cheapest way to ship a car.


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