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Are you an avid gamer with a passion for writing? If you love playing games on various consoles like PC, Xbox, or PlayStation and enjoy sharing your experiences, LucyKingdom offers an exciting opportunity for you.

By contributing to our platform, you can showcase your gaming knowledge, connect with fellow gamers, and even earn some extra income. We highly value your expertise in the gaming domain and strive to provide you with the perfect stage to share it with the gaming community.

Passionate About Gaming and Writing? Join LucyKingdom’s Community

LucyKingdom is a unique platform created by programming enthusiasts and passionate gamers. Our goal is to keep track of the player count for different games. With a solid community of curious readers, LucyKingdom serves as an excellent platform to showcase your gaming talent and knowledge.

As a contributor, you can write various types of content for our gaming community, including gaming guides, walkthroughs, expert reviews, and how-to guides for different video games. Additionally, you can share your deep knowledge of mods, cheat codes, tier lists, and server status for specific games on our platform. If you’re someone who stays updated with the latest news in the gaming industry, you can also share the most recent updates about your favorite games.

Moreover, we encourage you to tap into your experience of playing games on different consoles and share your insights with our readers. In your guest posts, you can provide tips, error fixes, and procedures to run specific games on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, emulators, and other major consoles.

No matter which game you love, we are eager to feature your perspectives and informative guest posts on our platform. However, Pokemon, Fortnite, COD (Call Of Duty), and Elden Ring are some of the major games that our community particularly enjoys playing and following.

Who Should Submit a Guest Post to LucyKingdom?

Anyone who has a passion for playing games and a knack for writing about various aspects of the gaming world is welcome to submit their posts to our platform. With a wide range of topics covering gaming consoles, mobile games, and PC video games, you can choose any area in which you possess valuable knowledge that our fan base will appreciate.

We encourage you to write about aspects of games that interest you the most. In case you’re unsure about a specific topic, you can reach out to our editor and get guidance before curating top-notch content. Remember, our gaming audience craves fresh and premium-quality content that is both enjoyable to read and provides deep insights into the chosen subject.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

To ensure a smooth submission process and increase the chances of your post being accepted, please follow the guidelines provided below:

  1. High-Quality Content: Write a content piece that offers insightful information about the topic. Make it engaging and valuable for our gaming audience, assisting them in their gaming endeavors.
  2. Proofreading and Formatting: Prior to submission, proofread your content to eliminate any grammatical, sentence, or spelling errors. Format your headings and subheadings properly, and submit content that is ready for publishing.
  3. Originality: Do not submit posts that have already been submitted or published elsewhere. Avoid copying and pasting content directly from the internet. Our premium plagiarism checkers will promptly reject any articles found to contain copied content.
  4. Relevant Links: Include relevant anchor links in your post that are not promotional. Avoid adding irrelevant, broken, or affiliate links.
  5. Title and Length: Provide a captivating title for your post and ensure that the blog length is at least 800 words.
  6. High-Resolution Images: Add high-resolution images that are copyright-free. Ideally, the image size should be at least 750x450px.
  7. SEO Considerations: If you are familiar with SEO best practices for content, feel free to optimize your post accordingly. Our editing team can also provide assistance if needed.

Keen to Write for Us and Collaborate?

We are excited to have you join our team! To submit a guest post or inquire further about our platform, please contact us at

Once we receive a sample guest post, our review team will assess it. You can offer a sample article, such as a game walkthrough, a game guide, or a retrospective of a particular game. If your submission meets our criteria, we will consider it as your first article on our platform.

We look forward to collaborating with you and sharing your gaming insights with our enthusiastic community!

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