Phineas Davidson, Personal Life and Net Worth

Phineas Davidson is a teenage American celebrity kid, who is being showered by the love and affection of people at such a young age because of his celebrity parents, Mary Stuart Masterson and Jeremy Davidson. Today, we will tell you everything about this young boy.

So, here get into the details and find out the information about childhood, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, love life, and all other details about Phineas Davidson.

Personal life

Phineas Davidson was born in 2009 in the USA to American celebrity couple Mary Stuart Masterson and Jeremy Davidson. His exact birthdate and birthplace are not known because his parents have not made these details public. Needless to mention that Phineas Davidson has a privileged childhood, as he is the son of two celebrity personalities. Since Phineas Davidson is just 13 years old, he might or might not have been romantically involved with any girl. However, there has been no declaration made by either Phineas Davidson or his parents regarding this. Neither has he been spotted with any girl so far.

Parents and siblings

Phineas Davidson is the eldest child of his parents Mary Stuart Masterson and Jeremy Davidson, who both are successful actors in the Hollywood film industry. As for their personal lives, his parents met in 2004 during a film shoot. The love sparked between them and they got married in 2006 after dating for 2 years. They welcomed their first child in 2009 and were blessed with twins in 2011. The names of the twin siblings of Phineas Davidson are Wilder Davidson and Clio Davidson.


Right now, Phineas Davidson himself is a little child and his age is to enjoy childhood not to have kids.

Education and profession

Despite the fact that the parents of Phineas Davidson have not spilled beans regarding his education of Phineas Davidson, we believe that he must be getting an education from some renowned school and he would be in school only today. Since he is just 13 years old, he must not have started his professional career yet.

Reason for the popularity of Phineas Davidson

Phineas Davidson is the son of two popular personalities and this is enough for him to gain popularity. The mother of Phineas Davidson is also active on social media and regularly updates her family pics, which also helps her kids to become popular.

Net worth of Phineas Davidson

To have a net worth, one needs to have a profession. Since Phineas Davidson does not have any profession right now, he does not have any net worth either. At the moment, he is just enjoying his luxurious life that is being provided by his parents, who have accumulated a joint net worth of around 5 million as of now.


Being a celebrity kid, Phineas Davidson is getting galore of public attention, sometimes for no reason. However, he seems to enjoy it, as he responds to the media with all interest. We would really love to see him on the big screen one day like his parents.

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