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Desirable Essentials: Write for Us General

At LucyKingdom, we invite individuals from various sectors to contribute to our platform. While we provide general topics, we encourage writers to explore creative and alternative themes that are both educational and engaging. Aspiring writers, regardless of their background, are welcome to submit their unique writing style while adhering to our guidelines.

Write for Us + General Example Topics

To provide a better understanding, here are some examples of guest blog topics we accept:

  1. Exploring the reasons behind the decline of NFTs
  2. The future of cryptocurrencies and their potential impact
  3. Emerging health concerns in the twenty-first century
  4. Tips for maintaining good mental health in a fast-paced world
  5. Profiling influential figures and sharing their success stories and life lessons
  6. Inspiring articles with case studies and practical examples
  7. Lucrative business concepts and innovative ideas
  8. Exploring work-from-home opportunities and their benefits
  9. Entertaining sports pieces with insightful analysis

Remember, choosing a captivating heading is essential for attracting readers.

General Write for Us Guidelines

To maintain consistency and quality, we have established the following guidelines:

  1. Word Count: The word count for guest posts may range from 500 to 1000 words, depending on the subject matter.
  2. Originality: Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Only submit original work that hasn’t been published elsewhere.
  3. Plagiarism Check: Please provide the plagiarism percentage using tools such as Grammarly for authenticity verification.
  4. Grammar and Language: Ensure your articles have grammatically correct sentences and avoid disrespectful language, baseless assumptions, or mature content.
  5. Thorough Research: Conduct thorough research and present well-rounded and informative content. Avoid redundant information.
  6. Presentation: Pay attention to presentation and formatting, providing all the necessary information.

Useful SEO Guidelines for “Write for Us” + General

To enhance the visibility of your articles, consider the following SEO guidelines:

  1. Relevance: Avoid keyword stuffing and focus on relevant keywords.
  2. Keyword Density: Maintain an appropriate keyword density and highlight keywords when necessary.
  3. Spam Percentage: Keep the percentage of spam within 3%.
  4. Linking: Once the guest post reaches 70% completion, incorporate internal and external links strategically.

General + “Write for Us” – Privileges

At LucyKingdom, we deeply value our writers and their contributions. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is available to assist with editorial queries and title recommendations. As your articles gain exposure, you can benefit from our excellent monthly imprints and web rankings.

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General Guidelines for Submitting General “Write for Us”

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